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Pageant or C. Lang as a teammate? Dibney: I would choose…

C. Leonardo(Cristiano Ronaldo)or Metz(Lionel Messi)?Manchester City midfielder Dibney(Kevin De Bruyne)Recently, it is necessary to answer the problem of the century, and he also gave his own answer, but he did not directly compare who is stronger.

Dibney is one of the best midfielders in recent years, and the strikers who work with him can get a lot of help from him. Recently, Dibney was asked if he wanted to be teammates with C. Ronaldo or Metz, and his choice was C. Ronaldo.

Dibney said: “I should choose C. Ronaldo, because he is more of a typical shooter. Metz is a bit biased towards the playmaker. I am the playmaker. You had better give me a shooter.”

It is worth noting that Dibney had the opportunity to be teammates with C. Ronaldo. C. Ronaldo left Zuvindas last summer and was very close to joining Manchester City, but Manchester United finally took C. Ronaldo back to the Altford Stadium.



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