Paichayont Thongjuea ‘Nong Rotor’: From Racing Prodigy to Champion

Young Thai Racer, Paichayont Thongjuea, Aims for Greatness

The Thongjuea Family’s Rising Star

In the world of racing, Paichayont Thongjuea, better known as “Nong Rotor”, is making waves at just 14 years old. Hailing from the illustrious Thongjuea family, which includes his father Pete Thongjuea and his talented sisters Seiya-Nichada and Miya, Nong Rotor is proving himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Recently, Nong Rotor achieved a remarkable feat at the race in South Korea, securing a Double Champ title by winning two fields and successfully achieving his goals. This victory not only earned him acclaim but also helped him collect valuable points. Nong Rotor, who remarkably resembles his legendary father in both appearance and personality, is following in his footsteps with a passion for racing. Their shared love for the sport binds them together as father and son.

The Thongjuea family was recently honored to join the SONY PICTURES camp and participate in the premiere screening of the movie “GRAN TURISMO Tough Through Miles” at Siam Pavalai Royal Theatre, Theatr y Grand, Siam Paragon. This event celebrated their rich racing heritage.

A Rising Star’s Journey

Nong Rotor began his racing career at the tender age of 7, competing in Asia and Europe. By the age of 9, he secured his first championship, and at 11, he triumphed in the Bangkok-Pattaya route alongside his father. His impressive achievements include winning the PTT Rotax Max 2018: Micro Max, Super Kart Thailand 2018: Cadet A, and Super Kart Thailand 2018: Super BMB championships.

In August 2023, Nong Rotor ventured to South Korea to compete in the Super Race Championship. This race not only marked him as the youngest competitor in the field but also made him the first Thai athlete to participate. His fearless determination and skill continue to propel him forward.

The Super Race Success

Recently, Nong Rotor, representing Team Red Diamond Coffee / PTT Lubricants / Air Asia X, made his mark at the Super Race in South Korea held at AMG Speedway from August 18-20. With his Radical SR1 car, he clinched victory in races 6 and 7, securing the Double Champ title.

Reflecting on the intense competition, Nong Rotor’s father, Pete Thongjuea, expressed pride in his son’s accomplishments. The Super Race, consisting of seven races, saw Nong Rotor finish first in races 1-3 before encountering a minor setback in the fourth race due to car issues. Undeterred, he fought back to claim second place. Their aim was clear: collect as many points as possible to achieve their ultimate goal of winning the annual championship.

Challenged by a senior Korean racer, four years his senior, Nong Rotor faced stiff competition. However, his determination and unwavering spirit propelled him to victory. Performing exceptionally well during the qualifying round, he secured the third position. In the subsequent race, Nong Rotor displayed unrivaled skill, ultimately outperforming his older opponent. This feat left both his competitors and the racing community in awe.

With three races remaining, Nong Rotor strives to accumulate as many points as possible. His family holds unwavering faith in his abilities and envisions him becoming the first Thai racer to secure a championship in Korea, further bolstering the nation’s competitive industry. Nong Rotor’s success serves as a testament to Thai talent in the racing world.

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“Paichayont Thongjuea” ‘Nong Rotor’, the youngest son of the “Pete-Jeng Wilailak Thongjuea” family with today’s success to another level. In the last race in South Korea, this event went lighter on the podium, won Double Champ, won 2 fields, returned according to the intended goal. Collect points back in full, the handsome rotor of the family of ‘Pete Thongjuea’ by all 3 siblings of the 2 sisters “Seiya-Nichada Thongjuea” and ‘Miya’ Piccha Thongjuea” who are equally complete Sing , a little racer, Phachayont Thongjuea, the youngest son of the family, who is now 14 years old, when standing together, is almost indistinguishable because he is 100% imitated by Father Pete Thongjuea, both still, in cool, and has a good personality. father Rotor and his father, the main character Pete Thongchua, like and love life and heart is also a father. Racing The other day, the whole family was honored to have invited to join SONY PICTURES camp to join in the middle mile with movie giant “GRAN TURISMO Tough Through Miles” PREMIER SCREENING DATE at Siam Pavalai Royal Theatre, Theatr y Grand, Siam Paragon

Rotor started racing at the age of 7 in Asia and Europe. he won the first championship at the age of 9, at the age of 11 he won the championship on the Bangkok-Pattaya route with his father, including PTT Rotax Max 2018: Micro Max, Super Kart Thailand 2018: Cadet A and Super Kart Thailand 2018: Super BMB In August 2023, Rotor traveled to compete in the Super Race Championship in South Korea. In this race, Nong Rotor was recorded as the youngest competitor in the field. and also the first Thai competitor

“Pete Thongjuea” revealed that “Rotor in the Team: Red Diamond Coffee / PTT Lubricants / Air Asia X, our whole family. Just got back from competing in the Super Race in South Korea at AMG Speedway from August 18-20. Rotor wins races 6 and 7 [ดับเบิ้ลแชมป์] Use car: Radical SR1 in the race.
“The Super Race competition has already been played for 7 races, 1-2-3 rotor times, 1st place, come on, 4th race, we get 2nd place. because the car has a problem and we are also under a lot of stress we want to collect points for the annual championship in Korea That is our big goal. And going back this time on the 6th-7th pitch, we have the intention, we prepare ourselves, prepare our hearts, train, fit our bodies. Our aim is that we must win back these two areas. to collect as many points as possible Every time on the field it is not easy. The atmosphere of this competition In Korea, he sent a senior championship. He is older who is 4 years older than Rotor. He is 19, we are 14. He is very good at representing Korea. to compete in Europe He sent us to fight. Rotor tried his best to fight. In the qualifying round, he was 1st, Rotor was 3rd, but during the race, we decided to fight all the way and step to the max, making Nong win. which makes Korea a little surprised Because a 14-year-old had to fight an 18-year-old and won. we are representatives from Thailand, we have to do our best And my sister did this successfully. which is not easy at all But the rotor can do it. The next goal, the remaining three fields, we have to collect as many points as possible. We want Thai children, Thai youth, Nong Rotor to become champions It’s a big deal. big prize Now, our scores are gradually being pulled away from each other. If you can do it, you will be the first Thai person to win the championship in Korea. It will make our country more famous in the competitive industry because he never knew Thai racers I don’t know Thai kids have talent. But he has proven himself in many areas, some good, some disappointing. In the past, you have done very well. And the rest of the areas we will do our best.

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