“Painted Skin 3” Project: Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, Zhao Wei, “Iron Triangle” is expected to return-Media Player / Video Site

According to @1905电影网官博 news, according to the latest filing announcement of the National Film Administration, the feature film “Painted Skin III” has been officially approved and has been approved for shooting. The film is written by Yang Xiaotao and the filing unit is Ningxia Film Studio (Co., Ltd.).

According to the official story outline, the film tells the story of the devil defeating the demon king and sealing him in the demon space. The demon king’s original god catalyzes the birth of the demon species to fly out of the ice world and the Queen of Sirius. Next, the ambitious and evil Demon King was wiped out, the sun shone on the earth again, and peace was about to come.

In 2008, “Painted Skin” swept the movie market with a dark horse, with a box office of 232 million. In 2012, “Painted Skin II” exceeded 700 million yuan in one fell swoop, making “Painted Skin” one of the most successful series of film brands in China. The directors of the two films are Chen Jiashang and Wu Ershan. The cast of cast includes a number of first-line movie stars. In addition to “Iron Triangle” Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, and Zhao Wei, Yen Zidan, Sun Li, Yang Mi, and Feng Shaofeng also assisted and blessed.

From the perspective of the plot, “Painted Skin III” mainly tells the story of the prequel to “Painted Skin”. According to the news, the series “Iron Triangle” is expected to return for all members, and continue to lead!



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