‘Paisan’ drew attention to the fact that a third pole of politics had arisen, revealing that the 5 party alliance of Uncle Pom’s government had come to an end after 3 years.

“Paisan” drew attention to the fact that a third pole of politics has arisen, revealing that 5 parties associated with Uncle Pom’s government have decisively ended the 3-year term.

On April 2, Mr. Paisal Puechmongkol, former assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan, a message via Facebook stating that “a third pole of politics has arisen” with details that

“1. Uncle Pom has led the PPP as the third pole political party. And having clearly announced the political stance that did not agree with General Prayut yet, the 3rd period was completely closed.

2. As a political pole 3, what are some phenomena?

Uncle Pom announces a major political address “Move over conflict Start a new Thailand,” or as Uncle Jiew calls it. “Internal Harmony Having a big battle outside” That caused the big wave of the 66/23 policy that brought the country to security. is a big current in all public sectors now

Uncle Pom declares his political stance that he considers the people supreme. respecting the sovereignty of the people To become prime minister, the prime minister must be one who is elected by the people. he will not deceive the elected public even though they did not receive a single vote of support from the people This is a political race. of a former Army General This is the same route that General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh used to establish a political party. ran for election and held the position of Prime Minister from the people’s election

achieve the ideology “Solving the problem of poverty” of the people, leading the “War Against Poverty”, the problem of poverty, land problems, water resource problems. inequality problem where Uncle Pom is chairman of hundreds of committees It will be a rich experience in the “War Against Poverty”.

a coalition of political parties that used to show themselves as the 3rd pole political party to overcome conflicts formed a clear “Uncle Pom’s government alliance”, which now includes 5 political parties

Anyone who thinks creatively will cause politics to go astray. he will suffer disaster Never doubt

Electoral Commission and government officials under the Ministry of Interior will play an important role in the future of Thai politics will that go astray or in the path Will there still be peace in the country or not?

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