Pakistan arrests 120 gangs Battling Sri Lankan manager to death, setting fire again

The AP reported that on December 4, Pakistani authorities arrested up to 120 mob people in an attack on a Sri Lankan factory manager. By beating to death and setting fire to the central body in public.

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The incident took place on Dec. 3 at a sports equipment factory in Sea City. The eastern province of Punjab, about 200 kilometers from Islamabad, accused the deceased Priyantha Kumara of blasphemy. by destroying posters bearing the name of the Prophet

Businessmen pay their respects to Mr. Kumara horrifyingly murdered Dec. 4, 2021. (AP Photo/Shahid Ikram)

Then this group of people attacked Mr. Kumara inside the factory. before dragging the bruised body outside and burning it, with hundreds of people standing cheering for the violent people.

Police Commissioner Omar Zaed Malik said police were investigating how many mob people had physically attacked Kumara. and had to wait for the results of the autopsy to be assembled It will also investigate a number of issues, including possibly retaliating against factory workers for other matters. but cited religious clues to deal with

Pakistan arrests 120 gangs

The point where the mob drags Mr. Kumara’s body Burning out in the middle of the road AP Photo/Shahid Akram

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said: It’s a day of shame for Pakistan. and vowed to have an investigation in order to bring those responsible to severe punishment under the law

part of Colombo Sri Lanka A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: Sri Lankan Embassy in Islamabad Let’s look at the details of the incident from Pakistani officials. And expect Pakistani officials to investigate seriously and ensure justice for Sri Lanka.

Members of Pakistani Civil Society gather in Lahore. (AP Photo/KM Chaudary)


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