Pakistan players should not be disappointed for not playing IPL; Imran says India is arrogant

Islamabad: Imran Khan, former captain of Pakistan cricket team and former Prime Minister of Pakistan, said that the Pakistani cricketers should not be disappointed because India did not allow them to play the IPL. Speaking to Pakistani media, Imran Khan responded that India’s action was strange and arrogant. “There is nothing to worry about if India does not allow Pakistani players in the IPL. BCCI is defiant now that it has the ability to raise a lot of money. It is unfortunate that the relationship between India and Pakistan is like this,” Imran Khan said.

India is now behaving like a superpower in the world of cricket. This is because it has more fundraising capacity than any other country. India behaves like a dictator in terms of who to play with and not to play with.”- Imran Khan alleged. Pakistani cricketers also played in the first season of the Indian Premier League in 2008. It was decided not to allow Pakistani players to play in the IPL when relations between the two countries soured after the Mumbai terror attack.

India and Pakistan face off in international cricket only in tournaments organized by the ICC. The BCCI had earlier announced that it will not go to Pakistan to play in this year’s Asia Cup. There is a demand that India’s games should be held in some other country. With that, Pakistan also demanded that Pakistan’s matches in the ODI World Cup should be held outside India.

English Summary: Imran Khan criticizes BCCI over IPL