Pakistan shocks “religious mob” lynching Sri Lankan men, burning in the middle of the road (clip)

There was a shock at the hands ofreligious fanatic mobAgain in Pakistan, Priyanta Kumar Sri Lankan clothing factory manager cheaplynchedbrutally until death from the crowd, most of whom are strong supporters of the Islamic Party with allegations of blasphemy

In Sialkot, Punjab province, about 100 km east of Lahore, Priyanta is accused of tearing up a poster of the TLP (Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan) party that was pasted on the wall. next to his office and threw it in the trash, butThe poster printed the words of the Quran.Two factory workers saw the incident and told them by word of mouth.

Then began to have protesters from nearby neighborhoods. Most of the TLP activists and supporters began gathering in front of the factories. Then went in and dragged out a Sri Lankan factory manager. Angered by the actions they viewed as blasphemous, before rehearsing, they threw rocks, slashed them with iron rods until they died, and then dragged the bodies out and set them on fire.

The deceased was a Sri Lankan Christian. Worked at Rajco Industries for 10 years

Prime Minister Imron Khan condemned the brutal killing, describing it aspakistan day of shame and announced that he would direct the investigation into this case Offenders must be punished to the utmost. The Pakistani army also denounced it ascold-blooded murder and ready to support the government to bring the offenders to punishment

The Imron Khan government recently lifted a ban on the TLP party. after making a secret agreement With party leader Saad Rizvi freeing 1,500 activists charged with terrorism from prisons in exchange for ending protests in Punjab. and withdrew the demand for the expulsion of the French ambassador over the religious caricature of Mohammad in France.

Punjab governor Hassan Kawar said footage from CCTV was used. Identified and arrested around 50 suspects and ordered the responsible authorities to submit a report within 48 hours.

Pakistan has strict laws.accused of blasphemy of Islam punishable by death But human rights groups indicate that often The law has been used against opponents of personal conflicts. It has often fueled violence against minorities such as Christians, and lynchings for blasphemy have occurred several times in recent years.



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