Pakistani billionaire launches 2 warplanes against Russia; Disclosure | Ukraine | Russia

Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahoor has been in the news for providing free warplanes to the Ukrainian military in the war with Russia. He reportedly provided two warplanes for the Ukrainian army. He is also the former owner of the Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Post.

Zahor’s wife and Ukrainian singer Kamalia Zahor revealed this to the media. Kamalia says her husband and other wealthy friends are quietly helping Ukraine in the fight against Russia, and that her husband has now agreed to disclose what warplanes provided and has so far kept the information secret.

Kamaliya added that Mohammed Zahor had worked hard to raise money for the immediate needs of the war and to evacuate refugees safely, and that he had met with several heads of state and other influential people to ensure a safe journey for those in Ukraine.

In an interview with Arab News in March, Zahoor called on the world community to support and stand by Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. Mohammad Zahoor is a British businessman of Pakistani descent who has lived in Ukraine for a long time.

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