Pakorn Boy Surprise Pre-Valent’s Day Faye Pornpawee Wow!

Extremely madly in love with Boy Pakorn who surprises Faye with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Tell my love, don’t wait for the festival

Since its launch, it has been very sweet for the famous hero couple “Boy-Pakorn Chatborirak” and “Faye-Phonpawee Neerasingh”. We often see their cute moments through Instagram. Gram badge take a trip Lunch in different places There are gifts for each other for every occasion. And earlier, young Faye said Valentine this year has to be alone for another year because the young boy has a job abroad. but understand not indifferent

The youngster recently surprised Faye with a bouquet of golden roses. Rose gold necklace and earrings Young Boy posted this cute moment on Instagram @boy_pakorn with the caption “My love doesn’t have to wait for the festival. But if the festival has to add some love @fayefayeye” Of course, fans always tease that IG.

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