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Palayil Jose, Poonjarkotta Kathu George; LDF in Kottayam district | Kottayam | Exit Poll

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Manorama News-VMR exit poll results released in Kottayam district.

In Pala Exit poll results show that Jose K. Mani is ahead in the end of the fierce battle. The prediction is that the Kerala Congress will take back M Pala. Jose K. Mani will get 6.10% more votes than Mani C. Kappan.

In 2016, KM Mani won by a margin of 3.36% (4703 votes) and in the constituency by-election, Mani C. Kappan captured 2943 votes. Pala is one of the seven constituencies where the highest number of candidates (11) are contesting.


കടുത്തുരുത്തി Exit polls suggest UDF support This is the toughest fight Mons Joseph has ever faced. Exit polls suggest Mons’s margin of 2.90%, up from 33.23% last time (42,256 votes).

If Mons is able to maintain the stronghold of the Kerala Congress MLA, it will be one of the brightest victories in this election. Mons predicts a 15.23% drop in vote share. The LDF also saw a 15.1% increase. There is no significant difference in the NDA vote.

Vaikom Exit polls predict easy victory for CPI Sitting MLA CK Asha will lead with 24.30% of the vote. In the fight for three women, Asha will overtake PR Sona of the Congress by a huge margin of 24.30%. In 2016, Asha won by a margin of 18.62% (24584 votes) and will increase the majority. The Congress and the BJP will lose between one and two per cent of the vote.

In Ettumanoor Exit polls suggest VN Vasavan will get 7.60% of the vote. Latika Subhash’s presence is proved by closing the possibility of UDF. Though the candidature of Congress rebel Latika Subhash did not create the expected movement in Ettumanoor, the possibility of the UDF was closed.

Kottayam Exit polls suggest Thiruvanchoor will retain Radhakrishnan Thiruvanchoor will get 16.90% lead against K Anilkumar. Thiruvanchoor will get 53.40 per cent votes for the UDF. Exit polls suggest that Thiruvanchoor’s popularity has not diminished despite K. Anil Kumar’s brilliant campaign. Last time the margin was 26.15% (33632 votes).

In Puthuppally Exit polls suggest Oommen Chandy leads with 10.55% of the vote. The LDF vote is forecast to increase by 5.50%. The UDF is projected to get 49.25 per cent of the vote here and the LDF 38.70 per cent. Oommen Chandy will win the twelfth consecutive assembly elections.

Puthuppally has won every election since 1970. He is the second member of the legislature to complete half a century. Oommen Chandy’s vote share will fall by 4.17 per cent. Jake’s is up 5.50 percent. In 2016, the margin was 20.21% (27092 votes).

Changanassery ExitPoll specifies that to the LDF. Exit polls suggest Kerala Congress-M ahead of 13.60% in Changanassery Exit polls suggest LDF to capture CF Thomas’ constituency by margin of 13.60%

Last time, CF Thomas retained the constituency by a narrow margin (1.47% – 1849 votes). Former Devaswom Board chairman and BJP state vice-president G Raman Nair’s candidature has intensified the contest. The BJP’s vote share has increased by 3.5 per cent.

In Kanjirapally Exit polls suggest sitting MLA N Jayaraj repeats victory In Kanjirapally, the UDF vote will be reduced by 9%. Exit polls suggest N Jayaraj to repeat victory with 12.80% margin In 2016, Jayaraj had a majority of 2.85% (3890 votes).

Despite Joseph Vazhakkan contesting, the UDF vote is predicted to fall by 9 per cent as a result of the change in the Kerala Congress front. Former Union Minister Alphonse Kannanthanam is unable to increase BJP votes in his home country. In the exit polls, Kannanthanam got 1.5 per cent less than VN Manoj in 2016.

In Poonjar The survey says PC George will win. He will get 41 percent of the vote. According to the survey, the Left Front will get 22.8 per cent of the vote and the UDF 16.80 per cent. PC George will overcome all local opposition and establish himself in Poonjar. Margin 17.80%.

The prediction is that the LDF will come second in the four-cornered contest through the Kerala Congress MLA. The loss is to the UDF. In 2016, PC George won by a margin of 19.09% (27821 votes). This time the majority will be reduced.

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