Paltrow stopped for a gift for the court guard

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A man in his 70s has been sued for damages… “Thanks for helping my bodyguard”

Plaintiff’s objection… “Concussions, fractures and personality change due to hit-and-run”

Gwyneth Paltrow in court

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Correspondent Choi In-young = The Hollywood actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, who is fighting a legal case against a suspected ‘ski hit and run’, was stopped when she tried to give gifts to the court guards unannounced.

According to the British BBC, Paltrow’s lawyer, Steve Owens, said before testifying in a civil case held in Park City Court in Utah, USA on the 23rd (local time), “My client’s personal bodyguard has been very useful to the bodyguards court and he wants. to bring a present.” he said.

“I want to be transparent about this and know if there are any objections,” Owens said in a statement.

However, the defense team of Terry Sanders, who filed the lawsuit against Paltrow, immediately objected, and Judge Kent Holmberg rejected Paltrow’s defense motion, saying, “Thank you for the objection, but that’s fine.”

It is not known what gift Paltrow prepared.

Paltrow is on trial for allegedly colliding with and injuring Sanderson, an elderly man in his 70s, at a luxury ski resort in Park City, near the Rocky Mountains in the United States, in February 2016, and leaving without action. ok

Sanderson is seeking damages in the amount of $300,000 (about 400 million won). Paltrow denies the allegations and is fighting a $1 damages suit.

Sanderson claims he was unconscious for several minutes after the collision with Paltrow and suffered a concussion and broken ribs.

In the defence, Sanderson’s daughter, Polly Sanderson-Grasham, argued that her outgoing and devoted father had changed after a skiing accident into an insecure, easily frustrated and discontented person.

But under cross-examination, Sanderson-Grasham admitted that even before the accident, his father often frustrated and offended others.

Neuropsychologist Alina Fong said when she first saw Sanderson in May 2017, she complained of headaches, mood and personality changes, and suffered a concussion for a year and a half.

Sanderson’s side alleges that Paltrow was on the slope and collided with Sanderson from behind. On the other hand, Paltrow’s side refutes that when Paltrow started going down the slope, a man collided with him from behind.

Under Utah law, downhill skiers must yield the right of way to the skier below them. Accordingly, the biggest issue in this trial is expected to be which of Paltrow and Sanderson was on the bottom at the time of the accident.

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