“Pan-Bai Pandan” is still a new rice with oily fish. Win! In the middle of the year, there may be a baby for the family.

“Pap-Bai Toei” surprise each other After being together for almost 24 hours, he said he didn’t think the other party would be strong. and has delicate corners Today it is still new rice. and always adapt to each other Reveals family pressure to have grandchildren Until now it’s over Let nature not rely on science, have fun chatting, maybe in the middle of the year Relatives say that this year is good, not brewing.

Even though we’ve been married for a while But it looks like a pair of young singers. “Pap Potato” or Patchai Phakdeesuk and actress “Bai Toei Suwapitch Traipornworakij” It will always be like new rice and oily fish. because of cute diligence and always find things to tease each other Especially in the past during the covid situation The more we have time together for almost 24 hours, so many people are secretly excited. When will I be able to hold my grandchildren, most recently, today (March 7), we met both of them at the launch of CROWN token, a new dimension in the token industry. So I came to ask for an answer on this matter. whether you are ready to have a baby or not

Pop: “It’s still there. It’s still an oily fish (laughs). I have lived a very close life at this time. We have been together for 24 hours, that is, before the covids, we were already together. After the covids, the more we get together. With a couple’s life for 24 hours, I think there are more things to talk about. From the past, we will talk about general attitudes. It turned out to be more serious now. And the more we are together, it seems to see both good and bad. I think it’s true that we have to adjust as well.”

Surprise, “Toei” is much stronger than expected, while “Pap” is soft and delicate.
Pam: “I feel like he’s a lot stronger than I thought in many things that happened. because with my career It was almost the door closed. He will come and support you. At first I thought I was older. More experienced than us okay, but no, this person is stronger. have to accept him.”

Toei: “Thank you. For Toei about surprise Toei felt that P’ Pap was soft. As for bullying from the beginning. Well, we will always see that he teased Toei while he was sleeping. But the truth behind the camera He is quite sensitive in his feelings. that the model may not be expressed through the image through Instagram Some things we may have overlooked. But he will be more important than us.”

good timing to have a younger brother but natural release, not prescribed, have regular health checks anyway
Pop: “I think the timing is good. We can talk if we can. If the rhythm is not yet, that’s fine. We still live our lives. natural release I didn’t set anything like that.”

Toei: “If in terms of readiness Toei didn’t think that the required day was readiness. It’s up to us that if he comes, we’re ready. If during this time the rhythm of life is like let it be before If health matters, we have already checked. is checked from before marriage as well Toei goes to check women’s health on a regular basis.”

adults want grandchildren So I pressed until I stopped the pressure.
Pop: “Until the pressure is over. Both my side and Toei side want to have grandchildren. It’s good that the two of us think alike, so that’s okay, there’s no problem.”

want to try natural methods before going to science
Toei: “Try nature first. If it doesn’t work, then let’s talk about it.”

Pop: “Honestly, we’ve never talked to each other like this.”

Toei: “The two of us will talk about having a baby already. Regarding readiness, we consulted with many brothers and sisters. Most of the brothers and sisters in the group had children. He came to give advice. About readiness, we may not really know. when, but only if the opportunity is given He has arrived, and that’s it.”

There is a chat, maybe in the middle of the year. Relatives said that they had children this year so that they would not brew.
Pop: “He said this year was good. I have to talk about it in the middle of the year. It’s fun to talk about. In fact, it’s okay if you don’t have one.”

Toei: “Well, I didn’t go and see it myself. but will have a relative I can tell you. This year, I won’t be able to brew But there hasn’t been any where to pay respects.”

He said the timing of this year, if there was any, would it be good for both of them?
Toei: “We looked at each other for a moment.”

Bap: “Right now, there is an unfinished house issue. Let’s deal with other matters first.”

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