“Pancake Khemanit” changed “character” to “high-class prostitute” in “SIX CHARACTERS Maya Phitsawong”


“Pancake” Khemanit Jamikorn, the actor who plays the role of the Sri Ayothaya movie series and the movie series VOICE … change the character completely in the mystery thriller SIX CHARACTERS, Maya Phishuang of Mom. Noi M.L.Phanthewanop Devakun as a high-class courtesan Which she has to devote to the SPECIAL WORKSHOP FOR FILM practicing performing arts for 10 months with diligence.

Like Mario Maurer, male lead Pancake said, “When Pan finished reading the script for the first time, I immediately felt that The film is an international film. which no one has ever built before in Thailand Pan thought it would be very stupid. If we reject a chapter that is so good Pan immediately asked her to perform this role. Which mom allowed Pan to practice in SPECIAL WORKSHOP FOR FILM for up to 10 months ” SIX CHARACTERS Maya is in the process of filming..



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