Home Entertainment Panda BNK48 casts a spell to mesmerize listeners through the first single “Bidi Bup”.

Panda BNK48 casts a spell to mesmerize listeners through the first single “Bidi Bup”.

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29 October 2021 – 19:03

Panda BNK48 casts magic spells on the listeners through the first single “Bedy Bup”, proud to show the potential of every step of the work. The best of all streaming online 29 October this year.

Ms. Jidapha Chamchoi (Panda), a member of the BNK48 band under the agency Independent Artist Management Company Limited or iAM (IAM) and is one of the members of a special project. INDY CAMP (Indy Camp) 2021 revealed that “For the song Bedy Bub, the full song title is Bibbidi Babidi Boo This name comes from the magic spell in the cartoon Cinderella, personal favorite. That’s why I was inspired to write this song. because it can conjure things to be as we wish Can get rid of bad feelings for the better Bad things turn into good things. Make your smile bright in a short time. This song therefore conveys the personality of a panda very much. From the style of the song, the rhythm of the song, the creation of the set, the music video, etc.

Panda went on to say, “Bedy Bub is now ready to leave everyone in awe. Can listen to music through all radio waves and all streaming online. Personally, Panda is very happy. During the making of 1 song, I have learned that it’s not easy. What is there to learn about the elements of working in many areas such as conceptualization of music? The idea of ​​communicating to listeners to understand the emotion in the media. use of vocal The use of words in composing lyrics, singing style, music + rhythm in the lyrics which must not be one-dimensional. The content of the song “Bedi Bup” means to make something that we don’t like or feel bad to disappear temporarily. But in the end, we’re on our own anyway, quite Catchy R&B. expressing himself clearly

In addition, I am glad that I am addicted to the INDY CAMP project (Indy Camp). Music potential In addition, I would like to thank P’ Ratt Phikhatphairi or Rattana Wong, Tattoo Color, producer in the INDY CAMP project. Panda felt that P’ Rat was another teacher who gave knowledge. teach perspective on life recommend making music Songwriting Techniques Revealing perspectives that have never been seen before, including being friendly. And a team of teachers who provide endless knowledge and encouragement. Teacher Eh pays attention to details and merits of the members to work on music. It’s like another father, while Kru Pim heals the mind. like another mother Both of them are like the second family of Panda, including all teachers from PLATFORM MAKKASAN and all staff members.”

However, Panda left a song “Bide Bub” that came from the intention. love heart in music Can follow the movement of INDY CAMP project activities (Indy Camp) via official : BNK48 fans fans help this song to charge. You can request songs via radio waves all over Thailand to encourage pandas too,” concluded Panda.

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