Pang Ornjira reveals the career of the man many people want to know Countdown, waiting to reveal the face of Father Bear

Pang said that’s how the couple got to know each other in the beginning. We first met in a bar. We had a short fight. I think this person is tall. When they were lovers, they were both sweet. but it will be sweeter

then flour continue to say The first gift the man gave was a bracelet and a ring. because that day was a bad day for Pang So he bought a bracelet and a ring to encourage him. As for the gift the powder gave him, there are 3 pieces, namely wallets. Card holder and button clasp

Pang Ornjira continued that the similarity between the two is that we get angry easily. Pang wants to be a leader. They are the same, so they clash (laughs). He is a very detailed person. Or even when eating flour and then don’t eat anything anymore. But he said he had to eat everything.

And after having children, Pang will be very indifferent. because he had to spend a lot of time with Leia When the husband goes out or hangs out with friends feel why don’t you give some time to the children So, it will be more neglectful than him.

Then came the question that many people wanted to know, what occupation does Pang Ornjira’s husband do? Doing business related to energy and real estate who has left the company and we will make a company together Coming soon

He asked the question when the page will open Received an answer soon, before October 18, but his face is hidden as Father Bear, the person likes him because he is cute. he added that flour It should have opened by now. As said, at the moment, depends on the right timing. It cannot be closed because we are still living a normal life. Just ask for a suitable period, we will open. I didn’t mean to close it or anything.

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