Panther Dubh Uncommon was captured on Camera in Kenya

Marvels Black Panther He made history last month when he was the first superhero film named for Best Picture Oscar.

The wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas made history this week when he published new images of black panties, captured on a film at Wilderness's Laikipia Camp in Kenya.

Also known as black leopard or black jaguar, the plausible creature has always been very popular with Burrard-Lucas, which is intended to find one of the iconic cats for a long time.

“For me, there is no more hidden animal, no animal [is] more expensive, and not any animal [is] more beautiful, ”he wrote in a blog post Monday.

Photo at Wilderness's Laikipia Camp in Kenya (via Will Burrard-Lucas) t

So when asked to speak at a festival in Bangalore last autumn, Burrard-Lucas took the opportunity to spend three days searching for Kabini Forest of India, where a black leopard recently saw.

Pay the trip out, and Burrard-Lucas managed to cross an elegant picture of a phanther in front of him.

The lucky contact prompted him forward, and eventually brought the photographer to Kenya.

“I applied a lot of camera traps,” he explained, describing each of them: a wireless motion sensor, a high quality DSLR camera, two flavors.

“I really liked Leopard's photography, but would it be black?” The blog said.

After several hope nights, all the Burrard-Lucas found were images of hyenas. Until he checked the last trap.

“As I scroll through the images on the back of the camera, I was shaken and shaken [one photograph] in incomprehension, ”he wrote. “A pair of eyes are surrounded by the soft darkness.

“I couldn't believe it and it took a few days before it sank as I had reached my dream,” he said.

Photo at Wilderness's Laikipia Camp in Kenya (via Will Burrard-Lucas) t

One picture was not enough, however.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the movements of the animal, the camera traps moved down the same track, managing another ominous shot before a male male appeared on the black-black panther.

Before the end of Burrard-Lucas's journey, he managed to catch two stunning portraits – one of the ebony jaguar standing in front of a site. Moon, and another, adjusted for dark background, "eyes of the night."

“As far as I know, these are the first high-quality camera trap photographs of a Melanistic wild leopard ever taken in Africa,” Burrard-Lucas wrote on his blog. “I still can't believe that this project is speculative [reconnaissance] there are many dividends paid at this time. ”

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