PAO moves forward to develop “Carbon Market” creates an ecosystem to reduce global warming

2018 data showed that Thailand emits 372 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. by releasing the most in the “energy sector”, followed by agriculture and industry, while With 86 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in storage, these have become challenges for Thailand to move towards carbon neutrality target by 2050 and net zero in 2065.

On November 8, 65, “Kiatchai Maitreewong” Director of the Greenhouse Gas Management Organization of Thailand (Public Organization) or TGO said during the discussion on the Carbon Neutral Roadmap in the Implementation of the Carbon Neutral Pathway of the EGCO Group Forum 2022 towards Carbon Neutral in Hotel the Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok. discussed at the COP27 conference.

“A year ago, we could see that ONEP was driving the issue of climate change into a department. So we are serious about it. It will focus on the issue of help to reduce and adapt.”

Although TGO is the main support organization for stimulating positive projects, starting from measuring emissions in all sectors, data in 2018 found that Thailand emitted 372 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. by releasing the most in the “energy sector”, followed by agriculture and industry.

while 86 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent are in storage. Thailand’s aim by 2050 will be to look at the balance of carbon dioxide and whether it needs to be reduced to the same level as the forestry sector. by assessing the potential in agriculture and forestry It can store 120 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

It has been assessed that Carbon emissions will reach their peak in 2025 and will gradually decrease if measures are carried out until 2050 emissions are balanced with storage. Technology that limits emissions may require support from CCS or CCUS systems.

Kiatchai continued that The sector that emits the most carbon is the electric power sector. To be successful, more than 50% renewable energy would be needed, and the transport sector would have to bring in 70% electric vehicles, including energy efficiency. circular economy must come in. By doing all that, you may not survive. You must have CCS and CCUS as well.

Including having to take measures as in foreign countries with a Carbon Pricing Instrument, the statement must pay or be responsible for its own release. Thailand does not have this directly. but in the process of making the Climate Change Act There is a new section to be supported And after this there will be a matter of principles. This is consistent with the international, which currently has a carbon tax in many countries.

for in Thailand The agency that will take care of “carbon tax” Is the new section And the world will have all countries to regulate, for example, the EU announced itself to be Net zero in 2050 by identifying some businesses, such as electricity, setting the carbon emission rate for all businesses. If he is released in excess he will be fined 100 – 150 euros and the release rate will be gradually reduced. and allow people with less mortality to exchange and many countries announced a law in many states in the United States It is scheduled like this

If you don’t adapt, you are at risk.

Kiatchai continued that there is also the issue of Carbon Tax, for example, electricity produced from coal will face a tax per tonne. People who release a lot pay a lot. Those who don’t let go won’t keep. With this type of system happening all over the world. But Thailand does not have, so CBAM is born, which the EU considers unfair that other countries do not have a Carbon Pricing policy established to sell products in the country. While the country has to pay, so the CBAM system will start next year. Such measures force us indirectly. At the same time, the EU also determines how much carbon footprint each product has emitted. and start to note that if it’s a product with a high carbon footprint, he won’t buy

“So, trade measures have arrived. As financial measures came out of the COP meeting, he said the national Net zero target forced the organization to adapt. The organization itself must also set goals. Today, if any organization does not target encounter problems with both customers access to funds Without reducing greenhouse gas emissions, businesses are considered unsafe and dangerous. gives expensive flowers or doesn’t lend.”

There is also the matter of investors who will invest in different countries. it will look for clean energy Otherwise, it will be difficult to shake hands on innovation agreements without adaptation. Investor involvement in the stock market must reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The mechanism that will come out in the country has not been included yet. There will be obvious pressure. If it is not adjusted, there is a risk.

Promote green areas

However, on the side that does good projects like adding green areas from the original deforestation Greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural system The forest must be brought back Now the whole world is finding’ these areas. to fill Because we were using a lot of fossils and cutting down trees.

“What the world is very interested in are solutions based on Nature. Usually, the way to promote this is very difficult because it is a long-term investment. So we see that one way is to give credit. If you do a green project, it will get credit, therefore, green spaces are another measure that the government wants to promote. Therefore, carbon credit standards have been developed from the forest sector as a supplement, including the issue of renewable energy. The transition to carbon neutrality will make the country more competitive.”

Kiatchai continued with that carbon credit will be another important tool let the country change By using the principle of encouraging people who do good projects to do a lot, it is a line of promotion that TGO wants to see happen by trying make measurement standards. And after everyone has measured themselves Net Zero or not, if not, buy credit and try not to let go. If he is released something will have to be paid. Bring in economic mechanisms to help. Let everyone drive towards making great projects.

Create a standard to assess carbon footprint.

The TGO is the main unit for monitoring various standards, including carbon footprint. Including the greenhouse gas assessment of the goods to be released. There must be a standard for assessment. A platform is needed to make measurements convenient, accurate, and policies must be guided across all sectors. It must be assessed whether it is individuals, organizations and provincial sectors.

Currently, Thailand’s Carbon Neutral Network has been established in the past year. It now has over 300 members in its carbon neutrality goals, around 48 organizations and counting. Having received a budget from the Environment Fund To measure at provincial level, 76 provinces that will participate in the provincial greenhouse gas emissions assessment and aim to reach Net zero at provincial level

Kiatchai continued that It can be seen that the local government Entering a self-assessment group Organizations also need to assess their carbon fruit prints. When starting in this way, the national strategy that sets the policy will be able to benchmark. At the same time, a carbon credit will help.

“however There must be a market system, so what TAO is building is a platform that leverages carbon credits to compensate borrowers to reduce the burden of carbon pricing. We are building an ecosystem.”

“While the forestry sector, which is difficult to measure, is a challenge, the ONEP policy defines the forestry sector in all three main divisions, including the private sector and farmers’ areas. can make credit These systems in the next 10 years will be a big task for TGO to increase green spaces to absorb 120 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. But the certification system and the market to trade are challenging. Moving forward if there is a domestic carbon market and if the remaining credit can be traded with foreign countries to exchange benefits If you do well until you have the rest, it can be traded with people who cost more than us.


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