Parade to comfort young Kanchai, saying that life is very bad right now Not expecting to reach this point!

Another famous publisher in the forefront in Thailand as “Young-Kanchai Kerdploy” In which we can see the young man working almost every day without rest. Completed with all assignments, as of yesterday (November 24, 2022). Crooked teeth Lotus Fan! in roots Make the audience laugh a little

Recently, the E-Jab Facebook page along the fast line has included a picture of a young man who has reached a peak since joining the entertainment industry. with a message stating, “Thank you Khun Young Kanchai for having new works coming out. Let the Thai people continue to be happy. Thank you.” “Ask how many people are left in the Maleenont Building and Thai Rath Building to pay their respects first?”

In this event, the young father even said that “Life at the moment is terrible. Apart from no one paying respect walking past a dog holding a roast chicken I mean walking away.” Celebrities and fans alike Say cute and comfort your dad a lot.

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