“Parasite” actor Lee Jung-eun “I can clean the bathroom again”

Lee Jung-eun. Harpers Bazaar

“I can do the cashier job again like in the old days, and I can clean the bathroom. At that time, even if people look at me and laugh at me, I have a mindset that I can maintain my confidence, saying,’I’m fine.’ I think I should always live with this heart.”

Lee Jung-eun (51), who received attention for the movie’Parasite’, said in an interview he had after finishing a photo shoot for the latest fashion magazine’Harpers’ Bazaar’.

According to Harpers Bazaar on the 23rd, Mr. Lee said calmly about his obscurity before receiving attention as the film’Parasite’, which won four awards at the American Academy Awards (Academic Award, Director Award, Screenplay Award, International Feature Film Award).

Mr. Lee said, “I was the happiest just to be in a story.” I wasn’t embarrassed.” He said, “I still think,’What will I do if I don’t use it as an actor later?’” “The answer is one. Also, I have to work while thinking about standing on the stage.”

Lee Jung-eun. KBS2 Entertainment’The Joy of Conversation 2′

Mr. Lee looked back at his unknown days in the KBS2 entertainment show “The Happiness of Conversation 2”, which aired in 2019. According to the broadcast, Lee grew a dream by listening to the plays he read in elementary school and watching his friends enjoy it. Later, when I was in high school, I decided to go to the theater and film department. After graduating from university, I entered the theater company and took on the props. After that, he debuted as an actor after serving as an assistant. But life wasn’t easy. Mr. Lee said, “I earned 200,000 won a year. So I had to work part-time,” he said. “I taught acting, worked at the mart, sold soy sauce, and sold green juice.”

Mr. Lee, who made his broadcast debut only at the age of 45, worked at a mart until the age of 40. However, he said that that time helped Mr. Lee a lot. Mr. Lee said, “The actors do not have time to throw away any of them.” “There are roles that require labor. I know that I’ve been using my body more than anyone else. I learned a lot about how to spend my time.”

Jeong Bong-oh, reporter [email protected]

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