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Parents are boiling! English teachers use grammar wrong. When he warned him, he was dissatisfied, saying that the child didn’t study EP and knew enough.

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one parent yelled English teachers give wrong grammar principles. When the parents warned after being dissatisfied with claiming that the students did not study English program (EP), they only taught them to know. He was skeptical after other parents flocked to encourage teachers.

On November 23, there was a Facebook user “Kingkarn Suwanjinda”, one of the parents. Has posted a picture and revealed the story of an English teacher who teaches online. But instead use English grammar or English grammar wrong. By claiming that the students did not learn English program (EP), so they only taught them to know.

The poster said, “I’m very angry. Open the mic to protest that the answer is wrong. Her is only used for karma. It shouldn’t be taken as president. When he opened the mic, he protested that he had taught My, so he continued to teach Her to teach He she it and reasoned that The children didn’t study EP and learned enough grammar like this. When they protested, “Teacher said that he didn’t feel okay, he couldn’t go.” Silence did not teach. Then turn on the mic to tell the teacher to fight. Fight with anything. Teach the child wrong. To teach like this. I’m angry.

Amendment All events below

saw many people say Let me tell you personally At that time the teacher was teaching. I don’t think I can read After teaching for a while, the children recite Her has … We have called friends and asked many people to make it clear that they are really teaching wrong, right? In conclusion, yes, when we are confident We immediately protested. by turning on the mic with the idea that At first I wanted to let it pass But when I think about it again, hey, the kid will remember to use it wrongly.

The teacher reasoned that That he doesn’t use She because previously taught me about My (show ownership), then came to teach Her, and then went to teach He she it by following the lesson plan.

and said that the children didn’t study EP, we teach like this, when hearing it, it makes me feel hot because it translates to Thai Your children don’t study English programs like expensive schools. I had to endure this class. which we have protested that If teachers teach like this The problem must not confuse children like this.

The teacher was not satisfied, so he said, “Teacher doesn’t feel okay. and can’t go at all.” The teacher has told us. Open a video call but we are not convenient therefore refused (Because I don’t wear makeup 55) and try to ask what is the name of the parent of the child. Then the teacher stopped teaching and remained silent. Then the other parents turned on the mic and encouraged them to fight.

At that moment, we only felt that This is to make protesting what is right is wrong. with dissatisfaction and refusing to continue teaching until there must be other parents to come and encourage them to continue teaching.”

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