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Parents need to safeguard their children during virtual learning

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ROANOKE, Virginia (WDBJ) – With ZOOM, Webex, and Canvas replacing traditional classrooms, there are things parents need to keep in mind to safeguard their children. This includes protecting their position.

“Literally, trying to put them against a wall, so that anyone seen on the camera doesn’t see places that might end up knowing where that particular child is,” says Nancy Hans, Executive Director of the Roanoke County Prevention Council.

Hans also suggests establishing guidelines for where and when virtual learning is done at home.

Online etiquette is important.

“We remember when the microphone is on or the video is still playing and sometimes you might say something and you thought it was off or you might see someone doing something that maybe they didn’t want you to see,” says Hans

Also, keep in mind that children often contact each other on their phones during “downtime” from virtual classes.

This can be a distraction for their friends.

It is up to parents to set boundaries when it comes to FaceTime and social media.

“Okay, if the other kid or the other kids are doing their job, then where is that kid that could be done have some time, but then set that time,” says Hans.

Between laptops, tablets and phones, that’s a lot of screen time.

When it’s time to go to bed, Hans says it’s imperative that all screens are put away for the night.

“I also ask parents not to allow their children to use their cell phones as alarm clocks, because sleep is very important,” she says.

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