parents of students report an attempt to assassinate a school shooter Fear of repeating the footsteps of Nong Bua

Ranong parents of students travel complaint Muang Ranong Police Station Take out the school shooter accused of attempted murder Confirm opposition to bail Fear of repeating Nong Bua’s footsteps

November 30, 2022 – From the case of a villain using an airsoft rifle to shoot up a private elementary school. 18 shots in Ranong city center on November 27, 2022, causing the students to panic and have to run away to their deaths.

Later, leading officers surrounded the 4-storey commercial building at the entrance of the school. and take control of the suspect connected to the crime ready to enter the interrogation process until he opens his mouth to confess Due to dissatisfaction with the school, the loudspeaker was turned on. From the flag salute activity in the morning and all the activities carried out in the school yard.

The latest in front of the Ranong Police Station The representatives of the parents of the students gathered at the scene of the accident, 6 people to file a complaint. Police officer, Muang Ranong Police Station to convict the accused sniper to the school

By bringing a copy of the school’s daily event log on November 27, 2022 at 2:30 pm Shooting a gun into the school while the children were doing practice activities In order to prepare for 18 academic skills competitions, everyone was shocked, shocked and the fear of uncertainty in their children’s lives. And the parents’ signatures are written when they pick up their children home.

The parents of the students said they were shocked on the day we picked up their children. He saw police cars, ambulances coming to the school. We were at a loss as to what had happened. and the child who ran out and said There was a shooting incident. by running around hugging and telling stories So we sit and think It’s not safe at school. It is best to travel and inform. to protect our own children

It is better to inform us about the charge of attempted murder because we assume that our child has been hit, and there have been previous incidents where the shooting of children is still in our hearts. And when this happened Whether our child came to do school activities, when this happened, we could not accept it, that day, the child was shocked and immediately ran into her hug. and he reported the incident with shock shock to us too On the day of the accident, there were about 7-8 students doing activities.

Other parents confirmed that they would prosecute them to the fullest extent. And on behalf of the 8 parents, they will oppose the bail. from coming out and causing such an incident again Because these days, guns are easy to find, and they are probably dangerous to children.

If the next gun or a more dangerous gun We cannot predict what will happen. In a state where a child is still in a normal school like this, what will happen? The trajectory of the bullet is out of control. we cannot tell What child will be born? As a parent representative, I still have to end the matter.

Now the accused is not at that point. We are partially confident, but if he is still there we are not sure he saw the teacher saying The time he will shoot is uncertain, it could be in the morning, noon and at night. even on Saturdays and Sundays

How can we be sure that there will never be another incident like this, My heart is beating. I still have some confidence.

Another female manager said it had already happened in Nong Bua Lamphu province. Looking at the news, we thought we were one of them and we were scared. although it happened in the past Our part will protect the best. Before traveling to meet a lieutenant from Muang Ranong Police Station

As for the 44-year-old sniper, although he admits that when he is detained in the Special Unit of the 2521 Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Regiment, Thep Satri Army, an interrogation point According to martial law in the border states, the police rushed to collect evidence. to request approval for an arrest warrant legal action

part of the Maj insurance. Gen. Cherdpong Chewpreecha, Ranong Provincial Police Commander. have confirmed that clearly Police will oppose bail. In the investigation staff and in court because they are random people who are at risk.

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