Parents send their children with all their strength, Mayu has tears in her eyes, young Kanchai stands and waves to Mayu until she is out of sight.

The supporters send encouragement. You have to go far for the first time to find experience. The parents sent their children with all their strength, May tears in her eyes Kanchai her young father stood and waved towards Mayu until she was out of sight.

Date 31 May 2023 May Fuangaram or May Patida, Num Kanchai’s wife Revealing another moment of important days in finding the experience of Mayu, a girl by posting pictures of Nong Mayu with a big suitcase. with friends at school about to get on a bus to travel to Phetchaburi with a caption saying “Year 3 Petchaburi trip 3 days. May you have a good experience. Beautiful, baby #Mayu#mayukamnerdploy #year3#8years”

Before posting a cute clip, the moment Mayu pushes the bags with her friends to get into the car and says goodbye to the parents, with the moment the parents wave goodbye to the child who sits in the car. especially the moment Kanchai a young man who came to send his daughter Ready to say goodbye to my daughter until she was out of sight along with writing a caption “I started traveling alone for the first time at school, taking me to Cha-Am for 3 days and 2 nights. The experience of an 8 year old. Parents came to send each other with all their might. #Mayu carry anything#very big bag#Mayu#mayukamnerdploy”

by Gubgib’s summons come comment and ask Does your mother cry? May answered that tears Although interesting mothers come to comment, for example, they sit and wait for pictures of their children from school, very well, including fans who commented and encouraged Mayu to have a safe journey, for example , the child went to have fun with friends. Then..Mother, don’t cry. , Today a young father came to send me too. Tears flowed. , the Principal also sent me May bring 2 bags etc.


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