Paris Baguette Offers Discounted Coffee as Part of ‘Da!’ Project to Combat Rising Prices

Paris Baguette Reduces Coffee Price to Less Than 1,000 Won in Effort to Alleviate Customer Burden

Paris Baguette, a renowned bakery and coffee brand, has recently announced a remarkable initiative aimed at offering customers a more affordable coffee experience. In response to the rapidly increasing prices of coffee in today’s era of high inflation, Paris Baguette has lowered the price of their coffee from the 3,000 won range to less than 1,000 won. This decision makes their coffee even more cost-effective than that sold in convenience stores.

The highly-anticipated event, organized as part of the ongoing ‘Da!’ project, aims to ease the financial strain on customers while ensuring they can still enjoy their favorite beverages. In line with this objective, Paris Baguette is now offering its own coffee brand, ‘Cafe Adagio’, specifically the Americano menu, at a discounted price of 990 won.

A Celebration of Quality at a Reasonable Price

Running for approximately two weeks, this special event forms a key component of the ‘Da!’ project, which Paris Baguette has been diligently working on since February of this year. By consistently introducing a range of attractively priced products, including seven types of cost-effective breads and four types of cost-effective cakes, Paris Baguette is steadfast in its commitment to providing exceptional value to customers.

It is important to note that this coffee discount offer is exclusively available for offline purchases, applying solely to in-store customers. Regrettably, the discount is not applicable for deliveries or online purchases of goods.

A spokesperson for Paris Baguette expressed the rationale behind this event, stating, “Our primary objective is to showcase the outstanding quality of Cafe Adagio and enable more customers to experience its excellence. During times of escalating prices, it becomes even more critical to deliver superior products at reasonable prices.”

Cafe Adagio: Elevating the Coffee Experience

Introduced in 2015, ‘Cafe Adagio’ stands as Paris Baguette’s very own coffee brand, endeavoring to surpass expectations not only in the realm of bakeries but also in the world of coffee. Adhering to the stringent coffee quality evaluation standards outlined by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), Cafe Adagio utilizes 100% specialty coffee beans, revered as among the top 7% worldwide. This unwavering commitment to excellence ensures an unparalleled coffee experience for patrons.

1/3 the price of a coffee in the 3000 range won
Part of the ‘Da!’ project… Cost-effectiveness
Discount benefits when buying offline

Adagio Americano Cafe product photo. /Photo provided by Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette dropped the price of coffee from the 3,000 won range to less than 1,000 won. It’s cheaper than coffee in convenience stores. Paris Baguette said it planned the event to reduce the burden on customers as the price of coffee is rising day by day in the era of high inflation.

Paris Baguette announced on the 10th that it will hold an event to sell the Americano menu of its own coffee brand, ‘Cafe Adagio’, at a discounted price of 990 won. This event will last approximately 2 weeks.

This is part of the ‘Da!’ which has been underway since February this year. Paris Baguette continues to release ‘reasonably priced’ products, including 7 types of cost-effective breads and 4 types of cost-effective cakes. This coffee offer applies to offline purchases only. Discounts are not available for delivery or purchase of goods.

A Paris Baguette official said, “We prepared this event to promote the excellent quality of Cafe Adagio and to allow more customers to experience it,” adding, “It makes sense to provide quality products at a reasonable price in a period of high prices. “

Meanwhile, ‘Cafe Adagio’ is Paris Baguette’s own coffee brand launched in 2015 to become the tastiest brand not only for bakeries but also for coffee. According to the coffee quality evaluation standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), we use 100% specialty coffee beans that are among the top 7% in the world.

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