Park Ae-ri, went to the emergency room due to a triple collision… Poppin Husband Hyun-joon Accident After a Year [종합]

Performance artist Poppin Hyun-joon reported the news of his wife, traditional Korean musician Park Ae-ri’s car accident. It’s been about a year since Poppin Hyun-joon’s bike accident last year.

On the 18th, Poppin Hyun-joon shared a photo of his wife receiving physical therapy at the hospital, saying, “(My wife) is undergoing treatment. Many people are worried about me. Thank you.”

Previously, on the 17th, Poppin’ Hyun-joon reported the news of the accident, saying, “It was a big accident, but luckily I wasn’t injured too much. My heart is still beating.” He posted a picture of the car’s rear bumper completely broken and visited the emergency room, informing about the emergency at the time of the accident.

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He said he had been in a triple collision, “There was such a great impact that the airbag exploded. The impact was so great that the driver’s seat was folded from behind, so it appears that Park Ae-ri hurt her back a little “You don’t have to worry too much,” she assured the fans. “I’m sorry to inform you of such an accident again. Everyone drive safe and be well always.” Fans who saw this showed reactions such as “I’m so glad”, “I’m glad you weren’t hurt”, and “I hope you get well soon “. iMBC Entertainment News Photo

Poppin Hyun-joon also had a car accident in April last year. It was reported that he had an accident while riding his bike home. He posted a picture of his pelvis and knee with big bruises on his social media.

At the time, he announced the seriousness of the situation by adding the hashtag “The bike season was on and the season was off at the same time. I almost got in trouble.”

Poppin Hyun-joon is an artist who is active in many fields, including a popular singer, actor, designer and choreographer. After debuting in 1998 with Young Tux Club’s fourth album ‘Wyddech chi?’, he made his face known through choreography and acting as a backup dancer for JTL’s ‘better day’. In addition to the albums ‘Lion’, ‘Don’t Stop’, and ‘Genie’, he appeared in the films ‘Fly Daddy’, ‘Kung Fu Hip Hop’, and the drama ‘Over the Rainbow’.

Park Ae-ri graduated from Chung-Ang University’s Graduate School of Korean Music Studies. In 2019, he was awarded the 46th Korea Chunhyang Gugak Daejeon Grand Prize for Pansori Masters and the 2013 KBS Gugak Grand Prize. They married in 2010.

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