Park Byeong-ho transferred to KT… Kiwoom fans “relocate cheering team” truck protest

Park Byeong-ho, the star of the Kiwoom Heroes of professional baseball, transferred to KT for 3 years and 3 billion won. Kiwoom fans who have lost a franchise star are continuing to protest.

Bae Jeong-hoon is awesome.


Park Byeong-ho, who joined the Heroes in 2011 and reigned as Korea’s representative home run hitter, changed into a KT uniform.

The KT club signed FA Park Byung-ho for a total of 3 billion won over three years.

The down payment is 700 million won, the annual salary is 2 billion won, and the option is 300 million won.

[박병호/KT : 앞선 시즌에 부진했지만 그래도 KT 위즈에서 저에게 좋은 영입 제시를 해주셨고 또 올해 KT가 우승을 했는데 그런 우승팀에 영입돼서 너무나 기분이 좋았습니다.]

After catching internal FAs Jang Seong-woo and Hwang Jae-gyun, KT recruited ‘big gun’ Park Byung-ho to fill the void of veteran Yuhan-jun.

Park Byeong-ho left a handwritten letter to thank the Heroes fans for their support.

[박병호/KT : (키움 팬들에게) 너무나 큰 사랑을 받았고 너무나 감사했고 그동안. 그래도 또 KT 위즈의 영입 제안을 받아들일 수밖에 없었다는 거는 좀 많이 이해를 해주시길 바랍니다.]

Angry fans turned to the club.

Fans’ truck protests continued all day around the Kiwoom headquarters and Gocheok Dome.

[김영창/키움팬 : 이렇게 (박병호 선수와 협상을) 소극적으로 할 줄은 몰랐거든요. 이거는 못 참겠더라고요, 박병호 선수 (보낸) 사건은. 앞으로는 (응원팀을) 거기로 갈 거 같아요, KT로.]

Kim Ha-seong, a former major leaguer from Kiwoom, and Lee Jung-hoo, the first to say goodbye, also shared about 20 photos taken with Park Byeong-ho at once, expressing their affection for the departing senior.



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