‘Park Chan-min’s Daughter’ Park Min-ha quits shooting, ‘Collaboration 2’ Hyun Bin X Im Yoon-ah and selfies

[스포츠조선 조지영 기자] Park Min-ha, the daughter of former SBS announcer Park Chan-min and actress and shooter Park Min-ha, fell in love with the stars and the best selfies.

On the 6th, Park Min-ha posted a number of photos along with the sentence “Our aunts and uncles of the ‘Cooperation 2’ team” through her SNS.

In the released photo, Park Min-ha showed her VIP premiere with Hyun Bin, Lim Yoon-a, Hae Hae-jin, and Jin Seon-kyu, who worked together through the action film ‘Cooperation 2: International ‘ (hereafter ‘Cooperation 2’, directed by Lee Seok-hoon, produced by JK Film). Park Min-ha showed off her amazing connections by taking a selfie in friendly poses, including Yoo Hae-jin, Hyun-bin’s uncle, and Yoon-ah’s aunt, who played the role of a father, as well as Jin Seon-gyu, who became a villain ‘Collaboration 2’.

‘Cooperation 2: International’ is a film depicting an unpredictable triangular cooperation investigation between North Korean and South Korean detectives who meet again to capture a global criminal organization, together with the foreign FBI New Face. Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin, Lim Yoon-ah, Daniel Henney, Jin Seon-gyu, etc., and director Lee Seok-hoon of ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Pirates: Bandits to the Sea’ and ‘The Himalayas’ appeared he took the megaphone. It was released today (the 7th) before the Chuseok holiday.

Reporter Jo Ji-young


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