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Park Chul-min, additional photos of ‘Bundle of Money’ released… “I will accuse Lee Jae-myung by gathering evidence.”

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Enter 2021-10-26 17:43 | Edited 2021-10-26 18:01

▲ This is an additional photo of a bundle of money released by Chul-min Park, an international mafia member, while in prison. ⓒ Courtesy of Young-ha Jang

Park Cheol-min (31, imprisoned), who claimed to have received 2 billion won from former Komatrade president Lee Jun-seok (40), a businessman from the Seongnam International Mafia, and delivered it to Lee Jae-myung, former governor of the Democratic Party of Korea, presented additional evidence. Park released a photo of a new bundle of money on the 26th and announced, “I will gather all the evidence and file a accusation against the former governor.”

Attorney Jang Young-ha, Park’s attorney, said on the same day, “I have received a confirmation letter and photos from Park, who is imprisoned at the Suwon Detention Center.” Lawyer Jang released two fact-checks from Mr. Park, along with photos of bundles of money.

New ‘370 million won’ unveiled… “This is the money I gave to Lee Jae-myung and the police.”

On this day, Park revealed a picture of a bundle of money that was different from those previously disclosed, claiming that it was 370 million won, delivered to the former governor and the police.

Park also said, “Why is it that only my criminal record of making a declaration of conscience is highlighted and not of the gangsters who supported the activities of (former) Governor Lee Jae-myung? The fact that there is no criminal record or identity (for those related to the former governor) is that everyone is saving their lives because the regime is a Democratic Party regime.”

Park Chul-min “I don’t want my brothers to be punished… Everyone must declare their conscience”

“I earnestly ask you to understand my sincere declaration of conscience, and I ask you to carefully review the criminal records of the gangsters I mentioned.”

Regarding the people involved in the allegations he has claimed, including CEO Lee Jun-seok, he said, “I earnestly ask this brother to make a declaration of conscience and receive mercy, and to be reborn as a hero for the people of the Republic of Korea even though he has lived his life wrong. I don’t want to get it,” he pleaded.

Park added, “I want to apologize and apologize to my father, who must have been hurt by this, my ex-lawyer Jeong-mo, and my current wife, who believed in me and stood by me until the end.”

“I’ll risk my life for not saying it’s not a lie… I’m going to accuse the old lawmakers who are sarcastic”

Park emphasized, “I will risk my life for not making a false claim,” and also foretold that “Telegram messages, transcripts, and borrowed-name accounts will be released soon.” “There was a close relationship between the former governor Lee and the Seongnam International Mafia, and we will collect all the evidence and file a formal complaint with Attorney Jang and the Civil Rights Commission.”

Park said, “I will formally file a complaint against the ruling party lawmakers who slander me with nonsense for defamation and leakage of personal information. “he warned.

On the 20th, Park Chul-min said, “I received 400 million won from Lee Jun-seok and delivered 200 million to Lee Jae-myung”

“I want to learn Japanese cooking skills after this prison life is over, and I want to live in a bar and live a normal family life,” said Park, who emphasized, “There are no conditions or conditions to get anything by reporting this case.”

On the 20th, Park released a picture of a bundle of money that he delivered to the governor. At the time, Park claimed that before the Gyeonggi governor election in June 2018, he received 400 million won from former CEO Lee Jun-seok, used 200 million won, and delivered the remaining 200 million won to the former governor at Kumho Apartment in Sunae-dong, Seongnam.

Lee Jun-seok, appeared at the police and said, “The allegations are not true at all”

However, when it was revealed that the photo was the same as the one that Park had posted on Facebook in November 2018, the truth battle ensued. In the post, it is written that the bundle of money in question is the money that Park earned while running a rental car business.

Regarding the controversial photo, lawyer Jang explained, “(It was not his own money, but Mr. Park) uploaded it with bluff out of lust for show.”

Meanwhile, former CEO Lee, who was designated as the person who provided the money that Mr. Park gave to the former governor, completely denied the allegations.

Lee, who appeared as a accuser at the anti-corruption and public crime investigation unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on the 26th, said, “The allegation that money was delivered to former Governor Lee Jae-myung is not at all true. rebutted

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