Park Eun-soo “I lost 8 billion gained through fraud and stayed away for 20 years… I worked in a pig farm to keep my hands off” (Chairman)

Actor Park Eun-soo told the story of having a debt of 8 billion in the past.

In the TVN STORY entertainment program ‘People of the President’, which was broadcast on the night of March 27, Park Eun-soo admitted that she had wasted all her possessions due to fraud.

On this day, Kim Soo-mi asked Park Eun-soo, who said, “I’m suffering a lot,” “Did you go to the detention center because you were scammed?”

Park Eun-soo said, “I spent money on the bar business. Meanwhile, another acquaintance suggested a business. I did an inside business when I said I didn’t need money, but they didn’t pay me. arrows went to me , I was prosecuted for one cause, eating children ignorantly,” he admitted.

He said, “I lived in seclusion for 20 years. The only property I lost was 8 billion won. I wasted all the property I earned from acting for 30 years. Once the money was bitten, sucked it in like crazy. than a year, the house flew and flew away. He confessed, “I feel the greatest pity for my wife. I too lived as a basic living recipient. Haven’t you tried that? It’s because you didn’t tell me.”

Park Eun-soo added, “I got diabetes because I was very worried about it, and I put two stances on it.

Kim Soo-mi asked, “Why did you go to the pig farm?”

He admitted in an interview, “I didn’t want to open my hand to anyone. I wanted to solve it on my own.”

Park Eun-soo said, “It was nice to be able to work without rumors instead of a courier service. I had no choice but to earn a penny and bring it home. However, I didn’t say anything bad about others, I was n live by biting my teeth, and after going through hard times, I wanted to contribute to society.” ” he said.

iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo

Meanwhile, ‘Chairman’s People’, which is broadcast every Monday night at 8:20pm, is a program that features the rural lives of first generation national actors who made small screens cry and laugh 20 years ago.

iMBC Lee So-yeon | photo courtesy of tvN

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