Park Eun-young became former announcer’Son Mother’

Park Eun-young, a broadcaster from KBS announcer, became a mother.

Park Eun-young’s agency IOK Company said on the 4th, “Park Eun-young gave birth to a 2.9 kg boy in a hospital in Seoul last night at 11 o’clock. There is.”

Park Eun-young’s pregnancy and childbirth preparation process was also covered in TV Chosun’s entertainment’The Taste of a Wife’.

Park Eun-young joined KBS in 2007 as a public announcement announcer for the 33rd term and, after conducting various programs, married Kim Hyeong-woo, who is three years younger than in September 2019. In February of the following year, he declared freelance and has been active in various entertainment.


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