Park Goon ♥ Han Young A polarizing mother who spends time during the day… May is waiting from the first day of kindergarten

Han-Young / Photo = Han-Young’s Instagram

Broadcaster Han Young shared her daily life.

On the 17th, Han Young posted a photo on his Instagram story along with the sentence, “I’m waiting for May, the first day of kindergarten ~~”.

He added, “It’s an evening schedule, so I made time during the day~~ Today’s Labang (Haeyoung Together) is scheduled to take place~ See you at 10 pm tonight~~” he added.

In the published photo, Han-young’s appearance was put in. Han-young wears a white T-shirt and a hat and takes a selfie. He spends time taking selfies while waiting for his dog May.

Meanwhile, Han-young married singer Park Goon, who is eight years her junior, in April.

By Kang Min-kyung, staff reporter for Tenasia

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