Park Gun “I was kicked out by my grandfather, and I was homeless under the bridge with 母… I slept on paper.”

Capture the screen of MBN’s entertainment show ‘Fight with God’ © News1

Singer Park Goon remembered his difficult childhood.

In the MBN entertainment program ‘Fight with God’ broadcasted on the 23rd, trot singer Park Gun, a former special forces soldier, appeared as a guest.

On this day, Park confessed that he had no choice but to live with his maternal uncle as a child. “My maternal uncle lived with my maternal grandfather,” Park said, recalling his memories.

Park said, “During my life, my maternal grandfather liked yakju, so when he drank alcohol, old people (sometimes radical) were kicked out and slept.”

He continued, “I still remember it. It’s a bit embarrassing when I was in elementary school, but under the Eonyang Bridge, under the Namcheon Bridge on the Gyeongbu Expressway, cars kept passing by so I was homeless all night long. We’ve slept together before. It’s embarrassing that we didn’t talk about it anywhere. It’s the first confession I’ve ever made.”

Park said, “I did that before, and I still remember when I was 5 or 6 years old, when my grandfather drank medicinal liquor and when there was a riot, I slept on a blanket in the yard.” He confessed, “I still remember that.”

However, Park said, “My uncle had a car accident at the time, and he took the hospital bus to cook, feed, and clean it,” said Park, who took care of such a grandfather for three months when he was in elementary school. He was hospitalized in sophomore year. I was the only family member, so I took care of all three of them. But if I were in that situation, wouldn’t anyone do it?”

Then, he boldly confessed, “If I didn’t take care of the sick at the time, I would regret it the most. It’s so good now. I have no regrets.”

On the other hand, Park Gun is a trot singer from the Special Forces and received great love for his hit song ‘Have a Drink’.

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