Park Gyuri posted a meaningful post when ex-boyfriend Song Ja-ho confessed that he was of the same age.

Instagram ‘gyuri_88’

[뉴시스] Intern Reporter Jeon Jae-kyung = Park Gyuri, a former member of KARA, left a meaningful message.

Park Gyuri posted on Instagram on the 12th, “Loss of love for humanity.”

Some speculate that he was conscious of his ex-boyfriend Song Ja-ho.

Previously, on the 10th, Song Ja-ho, CEO of the Pica Project, announced that he would run for the Seoul National Assembly by-election to be held on March 9th. It has been 4 months since she broke up with Park Gyuri. It was corrected that he was born in 2000, not 1995, saying he lied about his real age by five years.

Park Gyuri debuted as a member of the girl group KARA in 2007. Last October, he appeared in the musical ‘I Loved You’.



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