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Park Ha-sun “I haven’t worked for 2 years after dating rumors with Ryu Soo-young… I got my yoga license.”

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Actor Park Ha-sun showed off his unusual wit.

On the afternoon of the 17th, on Channel S’s ‘Along with the Gods Season 2’ broadcasted on the afternoon of the 17th, 4MC recommended a ‘menu to eat deliciously without worrying about dieting with the manager’ to Ha-sun Park, who appeared as a guest.

The ‘God’s Order’ prepared by Park Ha-sun is titled ‘Pretty older sister who buys rice well’, and he ordered a menu that could be enjoyed without worrying about dieting with the manager who was on a strict diet.

Prior to recommending the full-scale menu, we had time to explore the charm of Ha-sun Park. When Park Ha-sun and her husband, actress Ryu Soo-young, were rumored to be dating, she said that she had gone to India to get an international certification in flying yoga after two years of absence from work. Park Ha-sun said, “There is a will on my cell phone. I wrote it down in detail because there are some things that my parents don’t know about the property.” He answered honestly and drew attention. Park Ha-sun said, “I can do everything else, but having a child and raising a child is difficult. If I do it again, I don’t think I can do it again.” However, he said, “Thanks to the child, my insomnia and depression are gone,” and he encouraged bachelor Sung Si-kyung to raise children, causing absurd laughter.

Park Ha-sun’s refreshing wit like cider shone even more in ‘Y So Serious’ by ‘Joni Yongjin’, which solves the problems of the table head. Park Ha-sun reveals every episode of her date with Ryu Soo-young in the story of a novice in dating, and recalls the fight between the newlyweds, saying, “When two actors meet, they play villains. It’s all Cheon Seo-jin,” he said, bringing laughter to the audience with an exquisite metaphor.

When asked about the worst situation of late night coffee with a friend of the opposite sex or drinking in broad daylight, he said to Ryu Soo-young that it was good to not have a friend of the opposite sex, but he said, ‘I have a lot of friends of the opposite sex, but BTS Jin with 10 billion in debt’ and ‘Friends of the opposite sex are really good. However, Seong Si-kyung, whose assets are 10 billion won, shocked Seong Si-kyung by choosing Jin without worrying for even one second of the two. Seong Si-kyung laughed at the shock of ‘Never Ending 10 billion’ and kept missing the question.

In the following recommended menu release, Ha-sun Park chose Lee Yong-jin’s menu first and answered Lee Yong-jin honestly by saying, “It looks the worst.” The menu recommended by Lee Yong-jin is ‘Smoked Duck’. Max Changmin said, “If I eat too much meat, wouldn’t it be a little stinging?” He was surprised when he perfectly adapted to ‘Along with the Gods Season 2’ as he warmed up before revealing his menu.

The menu he prepared was ‘abalone sashimi and cold buckwheat’, a low-calorie health food. Cold buckwheat was recommended to guests by both Dong-Yeop Shin and Lee Yong-Jin, but was disappointed. Max Changmin said, “I remembered this menu after hearing the story.” Lee Yong-jin checked, saying, “I benchmarked mine,” and Park Ha-sun, “I can’t think of a duck”, plunged Lee Yong-jin into a ‘reaction ducking’.

Next, Shin Dong-yeop said, “I feel full, but I don’t gain weight.” Park Ha-sun provoked laughter by giving an honest tasting review, saying, “It’s disappointing.” In addition, when Park Ha-sun’s words, “I don’t like naengchae jokbal,” struck a wedge, Max Chang-min said to Lee Yong-jin, “I think we can put a piece of food under us,” causing laughter.

Finally, Seong Si-kyung released ‘Skewer Steak’ with a confident comment saying, “I have come with the correct answer.” However, Park Ha-sun showed a cold reaction and gave Lee Yong-jin hope of victory with the comment “I want to eat duck”.

Shin Dong-yup and Sung Si-kyung experienced the humiliation of ‘Gwangtal’ on this day. Park Ha-sun made Lee Yong-jin’s heart flutter once again by saying, “The duck was the most delicious.” However, his final choice was Max Changmin’s ‘abalone sashimi and cold buckwheat’. Max Changmin won 2 out of 3 matches and recorded a win rate of 60%, proving that he was ‘become a man’ (become a man), avoiding the cold buckwheat curse of Shin Dong-yeop and Lee Yong-jin.

Meanwhile, Shin Dong-yup raised expectations by announcing a comeback after reorganizing ‘Along with the Gods’ with the words, “I will come back with a more interesting ‘Along with the Gods'”, saying that there is an announcement.

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