Park Hae Soo of ‘Berlin Money Heist: Korea’ reveals the story behind preparing for a challenging North Korean accent in the series.

in series Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Despite the plot and characters similar to the original But some details have been modified. Including the background of the characters in this Korean version, there are many North Korean characters. one of which is the character berlin (played by Park Hae Soo) where the character is a North Korean who spent 25 years in a concentration camp before participating in a massive heist.

At the press conference for the launch of the series Reporters have drawn attention to the distant use of a North Korean accent. Park Hae Soo and asked about his challenges and preparations, which Park Hae Soo described this challenge, saying:

“It was really, really, really challenging before we filmed. We have been practicing a lot. And the director himself helped in the rehearsal. So we come together to practice and practice. And we also have a North Korean accent teacher. We learned to use the accent of Pyong An or Ham Kyung, which is part of North Korea. The tutor has helped us pronounce it correctly. until I became familiar with the accent And the teacher also recorded the voice and sent it to me.”

Park Hae Soo
Berlin (played by Park Hae Soo)

in fact not only Park Hae Soo only, but the other 2 lead actors in the story like Lee Won Jong and Kim Ji Hoon in the role of father and son Moscow and Denver I had to practice using the South Korean provincial accent. to wear realistic characters from different backgrounds as well Lee Won Jong revealed his preparation, saying

“Haesoo uses a North Korean accent. But for me and my child using kyungsang accent which is the southern accent of Korea So we have actors who come from the area and spend a month of hard training. in order to learn the accent and pronunciation We get together with the actors a lot to rehearse scripts. But in fact, it’s not just sitting and reading the script. But we practiced fully. we use the whole body The movements, the gestures too, so it’s really fun and I think this will keep the audience entertained.”

Lee Won Jong
Moscow (played by Lee Won Jong) and son Denver (played by Kim Ji Hoon)

can follow and watch Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area 6 episodes in a row are now available on Netflix.

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