Park Hyun-joo, who put 500 million won, was also bitten… Mirae Asset’New Deal ETF’ all negative

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K-New Deal ETF set 470 billion won in one month… The rate of return is -7~-0.6%

It was found that Mirae Asset Asset Management’s K-New Deal index-based ETF yield remains at the bottom of the ETFs that follow the stock price and index. The five K-New Deal Index ETFs listed on the 7th and traded since the fund was set up on October 6th showed negative returns until October 30th. Some stocks have lost more than 7%.

The K-New Deal Index is an index developed by the Korea Exchange by selecting the BBIG (battery, bio, internet, game) industry, which is considered to be the future growth-driven industry, according to the government’s comprehensive plan for the Korean version of the New Deal. Mirae Asset Asset Management has launched five ETFs that follow this index. K-New Deal ETFs include TIGER KRX BBIG K-New Deal, TIGER KRX Rechargeable Battery K-New Deal, TIGER KRX Bio K-New Deal, TIGER KRX Internet K-New Deal, and TIGER KRX Game K-New Deal. Investors with anticipation of the government’s policy put in close to 470 billion won in less than a month.

Mirae Asset Group Chairman Park Hyun-joo also invested a total of 500 million won each in the five K-New Deal Index ETFs set by Mirae Asset Asset Management, and it is estimated that the loss of more than 25 million won as of the date of establishment is estimated.

Hyunjoo Park, Chairman of Mirae Asset Group. / Chosun Ilbo DB

According to FN Guide and Mirae Asset Asset Management, a fund evaluator on the 2nd, all five K-New Deal index ETFs from October 6th to October 30th, when the fund was set up, are in negative yield (loss).

By stock, the TIGER KRX Internet K-New Deal recorded a loss rate of -7.42% after the fund was set up. The TIGER KRX game K-New Deal (-6.44%) and the TIGER KRX secondary battery K-New Deal (-6.19%) also lost 6%, while the TIGER KRX BBIG K-New Deal recorded a loss rate of -4.52%. The stock with the least loss was TIGER KRX Bio K-Newdil, which recorded -0.67%.

Since the fund was set up on the 6th of last month, the one-month profit and loss rate has not yet come out, but it is the lowest level compared to the one-month profit and loss rate of 255 stock prices and index ETFs set over KRW 1 billion. The loss rate (-7.42%) of the TIGER KRX Internet K-New Deal is similar to the loss rate (-7.54%) of the KODEX Media & Entertainment ETF, which has the 239th highest return among 255 ETFs.

In addition, the KODEX Bio ETF (236th, -6.49%) in TIGER KRX Game K-New Deal (-6.44%), and the KBSTAR Game Theme ETF (235th –6.15%) in TIGER KRX Secondary Battery K-New Deal (-6.19%) %) and similar losses.

TIGER KRX BBIG K-New Deal (-4.52%) was at the level of KBSTAR KOSDAQ 150 ETF (-223rd, -4.66%), while TIGER KRX Bio K-New Deal (-0.67%) was ##TIGER200 Consumer Consumer ETF (160th) ·-0.67%) and the loss rate were the same.

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Mirae Asset Group chairman Park Hyun-joo, who invested a total of KRW 500 million in each of the five ETFs, is estimated to have lost about KRW 25 million, while ETFs invested in the K-New Deal saw losses.

If we estimate the loss of Park’s ETF (based on the set date) by each ETF loss rate, ▲ Internet K-New Deal ETF KRW 7.42 million ▲ Game K-New Deal ETF KRW 6.46 million ▲ Secondary Battery K-New Deal ETF KRW 6.19 million ▲ BBIG K-New Deal ETF 452 10,000 won ▲ Bio K-New Deal ETF 670,000 won.

Kim Hoo-jung, a researcher at Yuanta Securities, said, “Now, the stock prices of technology companies such as bio and internet have slightly declined due to issues such as the strengthening of the transfer tax standards for major shareholders and the uncertainty of the US presidential election. “If you look at the flow of fund funds around the world, the amount of money is concentrated in theme funds centered on new growth industries, so in the long run, the rate of return of ETFs following the K-New Deal is likely to improve,” he said.



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