Park Ji-sung, confession after 9 years… “The reason I left Manchester United”

Park Ji-sung of Manchester United scores a brilliant header from the second half during the English Premier League derby match against Liverpool at Old Trafford Stadium on March 21, 2010 (local time) in Manchester, England. Manchester = Associated Press

Ji-Sung “The Father” Ji-Sung Park (40), who played for Manchester United (Man United), an English professional footballer, revealed the reason why he decided to leave Manchester United in 2012. He said he felt it was time to say goodbye as the number of games he couldn’t play even though he had no injuries continued to rise.

Manchester United are introducing the stories that Park Ji-sung appeared on the ‘UTD Podcast’ produced by the club recently. On the 6th of local time, Park Ji-sung revealed the reason why he left Manchester United in 2012.

Park Ji-sung moved to Manchester United from PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) in 2005 and played for United for seven seasons until 2012 before moving to Queenspark Rangers. While playing for Manchester United, Ji-Sung Park had a heyday, winning the English Premier League (4 times) and the UEFA Champions League (1 time). Manchester United is also the club that Park Ji-sung has been with for the longest time as a player.

Regarding the decision to leave Manchester United, Park Ji-sung said, “In my last season at United, I missed five games in a row without any injuries. It was the first time this had happened,” he said. He continued, “Without injuries, the most consecutive absences were probably three games,” he said.

Park Ji-sung also added, “Man Utd really wanted me to stay with the team. I also spoke with manager Alex Ferguson. But this is the first time I’ve missed five matches without an injury, so some players may have known I was leaving.”

Of course, it was a difficult decision for Park Ji-sung to leave Manchester United. Park Ji-sung said, “It was the first time I was on a team in 7 years. Friends, family, everything was there and tailored. It was so comfortable that it felt like home.” “I decided to transfer. My playing career was coming to an end. It was very difficult to leave Manchester United.”

Park Ji-sung also introduced an anecdote that Ferguson understood and wrote a letter to him about leaving the team, and said, “I am proud to be a Manchester United player under Ferguson’s direction.” “I didn’t talk much with Ferguson when I left the team. Ferguson just said ‘good luck’. The details were in the letter. Ferguson’s grandson didn’t want me to leave either,” he said. I had a very good relationship with the director, and I was happy to be able to work with him.”

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