Park Mi-sun “It’s not about quitting, it’s about holding back… the easiest thing for Lee Bong-won”

Captured the broadcast screen of the YouTube channel ‘Misen Impossible’

Comedian Park Mi-sun said, ‘Cigarettes are not quits, but they continue’.

Mi-sun Park recently said through her ‘Mission Impossible’ YouTube channel, ‘I’m sorry about the first meeting… Do you have any cigarettes? A video titled ‘Remove cigarettes that have been taken out of your pockets’ was posted.

First, on this day, Park Mi-sun said, “Finally, the number of Impossible Missions has reached 600,000. I am so happy that it came true as planned.”

He said, “The New Year has dawned, and I think I will make up my mind in various ways. Among many plans, I will try to help people quit smoking. Here in Sangam-dong, where I stand, there are a lot of people who smoke, because they are under a lot of stress.” , we started collecting 23 packs of cigarettes.

Park Mi-seon revealed that her New Year’s goal is to “diet, go to my favorite art museum, and pray morning and night. I have committed many sins.”

Then, about her husband Lee Bong-win, “My husband is the best at quitting smoking. He always quits every year. He makes a decision and starts smoking again soon after . My husband said giving up smoking was the easiest thing. He said he could smoke again.”

Park Mi-sun, who heard various goals and wishes of people passing by, said, “I think the best thing I did in my life was not learning to smoke.”

Meanwhile, Park Mi-sun married comedian Lee Bong-won in 1993 and they have one son and one daughter.