‘Park Min-ji’s 5 wins in the season + 1st place in the Grand Prix challenge… ‘Go beyond Kim Hyo-joo’

picture explanationPark Min-ji’s driver shot.

Park Min-ji (24), the ‘trend’ on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf tour (KLPGA), is challenging for the 5th championship of the season.

Park Min-ji will participate in the ‘OK Financial Group Pak Se-ri Invitational’ (total prize of 800 million won) held at Serenity Country Club (par 72) in Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do for three days from the 23rd. .

In the KB Financial Star Championship, which ended on the 18th, Park Min-ji, who climbed to the top of the season 4 wins, aims for the 5th victory of the season with 2 consecutive victories.

Park Min-ji, who is running at the top of the multiple wins and prize money rankings, can regain the 1st place in the target points that he gave to Hae-ran (21) for a while while climbing to the top of the ‘OK Financial Group Pak Se -ri Invitational’.

Park Min-ji, who has accumulated 514 points, is chasing Yoo Hae-run by 26 points.

If Park Min-ji wins and Yoo Hae-red ranks 8th or lower, Park Min-ji regains first place in the grand prize points.

Park Min-ji’s performance was at its peak by winning the KB Financial Star Championship by four strokes, held on a difficult course with rough greens and deep hards.

In particular, the spirit went up as much as possible by breaking the bad relationship of not winning a championship in September even though they had 10 wins in 6 years until last year.

Park Min-ji, who withdrew due to back pain before the competition last year, will compete in the competition in top condition this year.

Kim Hyo-joo's iron shot.

picture explanationKim Hyo-joo’s iron shot.

Park Min-ji has to beat ‘world star’ Kim Hyo-joo (27) to reach the 5th victory this time.

Kim Hyo-ju, who is ranked 8th in the world with 14 wins in Korea alone and 5 wins on the LPGA Tour in the United States, is last year’s champion.

Kim Hyo-joo, who won this year’s LPGA Tour Lotte Championship, returned to Korea after canceling the LPGA Tour schedule, aiming to win the tournament for the second time in a row.

Hae-ran Ha, who took first prize in the grand prize points, and Park Ji-young (26) and Lim Hee-jeong (22), who are ranked high in all tournaments, also challenged for the second championship of the season .

Jo A-yeon (22), who is in the ranks of multiple winners in the season with Park Min-ji, made an appearance looking forward to the second win of the season and the second win of the ‘OK Financial Group Pak Se- ‘Invitation’ following 2019.

No player has yet won the ‘OK Financial Group Pak Se-ri Invitational’, which started in 2010, twice.


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