Park Myung-soo, a confident cry? “Our ancestors are bald people”

picture explanation‘Rice Planting Club’. Photo ㅣMBN

The ‘Rice Planting Club’ has released the second teaser video with the most tension ever.

The new entertainment program ‘Rice Planting Club’, co-produced by MBN and LG HelloVision, is an entertainment program where hair loss people representing different fields gather in one place and participate in a pleasant talking contest over subsidy for planting rice.

In the second teaser video released on the 28th, viewers were presented with a ‘hair transplant ticket’ with each story through a lottery, drawing attention.

Park Myung-soo proudly shouted, “Our ancestors are bald people,” and Park Seong-gwang impressed the viewers with his sensible comment, “We don’t have hair, don’t we Gao (?)”.

In addition, Yuk Joong-wan stood in the center of the stage and said, “We can do it,” fervently cheering on his fellow cast members and studio audience.

At the end of the video, there was also time to present a ‘hair transplant ticket’ to members of the rice planting club through a lottery. Jung Sang-soo led the lottery while everyone was holding their breath, and Yuk Joong-wan, who confirmed the winner, could not hide his surprise.

What will it be like for the cast and audience with diverse stories to share their concerns and become one, and their colorful confident but sincere reactions make the first broadcast even more anticipated.

The ‘Rice Planting Club’, which has a powerful speaking contest with the right to transplant hair, will be broadcast for the first time on the MBN channel at 9:20pm on Saturday, February 4th.

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