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Park Seon-ju “♥ Separated with Kang Leo, suffered from divorce” (‘Bob Sim’)-Star Today

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On Teacher’s Day, top class teachers, who are self-taught, come to visit’Kang Ho-dong’s rice heart’.

Vocal trainer Park Seon-joo, Korea’s No. 1 profiler Kwon Il-yong, dating broadcaster Kwak Jeong-eun, and mental health specialist Yang Jae-woong appear in the SBS Plus entertainment program’Babsim of Kang Ho-dong’, which airs on the 10th.

In a recent recording, Park Seon-ju opened up about her separation from her husband Kang Leo. He revealed that he was living in Jeju Island with his daughter and Kang Leo in Gokseong, and that he suffered from numerous separation and divorce rumors.

Next, Park Seon-ju confessed his secret secret, saying, “I will not contact you even if my husband returns home late.” Kwon Il-yong, who was listening to Park Seon-ju’s cool family history, exclaimed deep sighs and shouted “I’m so envious”, making everyone laugh.

Kwak Jeong-eun reveals his thoughts on romance and separation. Kwak Jeong-eun, who became a hot topic with direct and pungent love advice in the past, drew attention by appearing as a short cut, saying, “In the past, I only insisted on long hair and high heels to look sexy, but not now.” After a hard breakup, Kwak Jeong-eun, who went to India to learn meditation, was shocked by confessing that he didn’t need money or men anymore.

Then, the story of the breakup that made the appearance and love view changed 180 degrees was revealed, raising questions.

Those who have not been able to reveal their inner feelings can be found in’Kang Ho-dong’s Babsim’ broadcasted at 9 pm on the 10th. ‘Kang Ho-dong’s Babsim’ ends the broadcast on this day. Subsequently,’Donji’, hosted by Lee Ji-hye and Byul, will be broadcast from 8:30 pm on the 17th.

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‘Gang Ho-dong’s rice heart’. Photo lSBS Plus

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