Park Seong-gwang and Choi Min-soo stress? “Hair loss + tonsillitis”

Reporter Cha Yoo-chae of Money Today | 2023.03.15 09:08

/Photo = SBS ‘Take off your shoes, Doll Sing For Man’ broadcast screen

Comedian-turned-film director Park Seong-gwang admitted to suffering from various aftereffects due to stress.

Director Park Seong-gwang and actor Choi Min-soo appeared as guests in the SBS entertainment show ‘Dolsing For Man’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Dolsing For Man’), which aired on the 14th.

/Photo = SBS ‘Take off your shoes, Doll Sing For Man’ broadcast screen

On this day, the members of ‘Doll Sing For Man’ asked Park Seong-gwang, “I heard that he suffered hair loss and groin inflammation due to stress while filming the movie.” Tak Jae-hoon and Lee Sang-min joked, “Isn’t it stressful because of Choi Min-soo?”

In response, Park Seong-gwang said, “I had a lot of things to worry about when directing a movie.”

/Photo = SBS ‘Take off your shoes, Doll Sing For Man’ broadcast screen

Park Seong-gwang tried to talk more about the movie, but the story was interrupted when Choi Min-soo suddenly ate a cake. In the end, Park Seong-kwang hurriedly ended the story by saying, “That’s how it was,” and the members of “Doll Sing for Man” snarled at Choi Min-soo, saying, “Isn’t Park Seong -kwang talking about a movie right now?”

Choi Min-soo told him not to worry about it, but Park Seong-gwang said, “I was annoyed after doing this.”

/Photo = SBS ‘Take off your shoes, Doll Sing For Man’ broadcast screen

The topic of conversation then moved on to Choi Min-soo. The members of ‘Doll Sing For Man’ said, “Choi Min-soo’s wife, Kang Joo-eun, told me not to vomit on the director’s words while filming the movie.”

They asked Park Seong-gwang, “Did Choi Min-soo follow his wife’s orders?” and “Did he really throw up on set?” Park Seong-gwang replied, “My brother gave me a lot of opinions,” and “There weren’t too many opinions.”

When Park Seong-gwang didn’t respond coolly, Lee Sang-min reprimanded him, saying, “Are you going to promote the movie like this?” Park Seong-gwang said, “If that’s true, I should have called myself (without Choi Min-soo) as a guest. How can I talk to a brother like this next to me? ” He raised his voice.

Meanwhile, the film ‘Woongnam’, which will be released on the 22nd, is Park Seong-gwang’s first commercial film, and stars Choi Min-soo, Park Sung-woong, Lee Yi-kyung, and Yum Hye-ran.

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