Park Seul-gi “I suffered a lot from voice phishing… 12 million won in compensation”

Broadcaster Park Seul-gi shares her experience of being a voice phisher.

In JTBC’s entertainment program ‘World Dark Tour’, which airs at 10:30pm on the 23rd, Park Seul-gi, who joined as ‘Dark Tourist’, analyzes voice phishing techniques that occur despite whatever the boundaries.

On this day, the dark tourists trace the voice phishing traces together with the criminal scientist Kim Bok-jun and a dark guide. Since it is a crime that is common not only in Korea but also around the world, including the United States and Europe, the methods are also diverse. Accordingly, Kim Bok-joon Dark Guide explains voice phishing methods from around the world.

One by one, strange methods will be revealed, including Japan’s unique voice phishing ‘Apoden fraud’, which leads to robbery and murder following fraud, as well as phishing crimes being committed’ open in prisons. Above all, Park Seul-gi is shocked by the absurd scene of a prison in Latin America, which is the background of phishing crimes, saying, “It’s ridiculous, it’s real.”

As the criminals’ methods become more and more sophisticated, there are absurd cases where even a solution becomes the target of a crime. Giving an example, Dark Guide Kim announces the shocking fact that “Narae Park has been voice phishing” to Narae Park, who answered as if he possessed the phishing criminal’s question.

In particular, Park Seul-gi presents a case she has experienced, saying, “I was greatly victimized by voice phishing crimes.” He said the amount of damage alone was close to 12 million won, and it reveals the story at the time of the damage as well as after.

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