Collaboration with Park Hyung-sik. The drama is expected to be broadcast on October 23.

Park Shin-hye visits the home theater again. The JTBC drama aired last year It has been 2 years since then. Park Shin-hye married Choi Tae-joon, an actor of the same age, in January after dating for four years, and gave birth to a healthy son in May. In the meantime, she has been busy with marriage, pregnancy, childbirth and childcare. medicine start working again with is the story of two main characters who once did well but fell into a downfall and gave up their jobs as doctors and lived in a room on the roof. In the drama, Park Shin-hye plays the female lead, Ha-neul, who runs out of the hospital after being burned by a medical professor. Here, burning means ‘to burn the soul until it is reduced to ashes’, a term used in the medical world to refer to workplace bullying. It refers to verbal abuse, assault and bullying. Park Hyeong-sik takes on the role of Jung-woo, a promising plastic surgeon who is caught in a medical accident. The two were rivals in high school who fought for the best place in school, but after running out of the hospital, they reconnect as neighbors in a room on the roof. Park Hyung-sik appeared in Disney +, which was released in March. After a year, I stand in front of the camera again. He is a member of the idol group Empire’s Children and debuted in 2013. acting debut as , , , , , appeared in various genres. Yes Author Baek Seon-woo, who wrote “The Love Story,” is writing the screenplay. It is still in the casting stage and the organization has not decided.