Park Soo-hong “Da-hong = my son, he looks like me when he was young”

picture explanationBroadcaster Park Soo-hong and Da-hong’s cat. picture| Star Today DB, YouTube capture

Broadcaster Park Soo-hong expressed deep affection for his cat, Da-hong, saying, “He really looks like my son.”

On the 18th, ‘Black Cat Dahong’, a YouTube channel that reveals the daily life of Park Soo-hong’s cat, Da-hong,[다홍탐구생활] Dahong’s response was released when Suhong’s father was filming??’

In the video, the staff are busy moving in Park Soo-hong’s house to film the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Pyeon Restaurant’.

Dahongyi attracted attention by sitting next to the PD and sitting calmly even though strangers entered the house.

Soo-Hong Park looked at Da-Hong and showed his pride, saying, “Who sits so quietly when people are around?”

Also, “I wash the leftover steamed red snow crab after saying ‘Pyeonstorang’ and give it to Dahong. I love snow crabs, but what about red snow crabs?”

Dahongi, who looked away for a while, tasted the red snow crab and ate it all. Park Soo-hong smiled happily and added affectionately, “I really think he is my son.”

“They say I was gentle when I was young. They said they lay there when they were laid down and did not cry or cry. But he’s like that,” he said. “That’s why I feel sorry for him. Even while taking a bath, I endure everything,” she explained.

“Other children get into trouble because they don’t like water to take a bath, but this one is suffering. When I was young or a stray cat, I used to keep it raining, so when I take a shower (I think it’s raining),” he said of personality calm Dahong.

Meanwhile, Park Soo-hong rescued and adopted Da-hong, who was injured in a fishing spot in 2019. Since then, he has been revealing his daily life through YouTube.

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