Park Soo-hong’s older brother has finally been arrested and charged with stealing 6.1 billion won… brother-in-law is also an accomplice

Soo Hong Park. / Photo = Hankyung DB

Prosecutors charged Park Soo-hong’s older brother, who was accused of embezzling corporate funds while running an entertainment agency for broadcaster Park Soo-hong. Park’s brother-in-law Soo-hong and his wife were also charged without remand for some accomplices.

The Seoul Western District Prosecutors Office announced on the 7th that it had arrested and charged Park Soo-hong’s older brother, Park Soo-hong, on charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Certain Economic Crimes, etc.

They were handed over to the prosecution on charges of arbitrarily using corporate funds while running an entertainment agency between 2011 and last year.

According to the prosecution, they embezzled about 6.17 billion won. Specifically, the theft includes 1.9 billion won in false accounting of labor costs, 1.17 billion won in illegal use of agency funds for the purpose of purchasing real estate, 90 million won in unauthorized use of other agency funds, 90 million won in credit card use by agencies, and 2.9 billion won in unauthorized withdrawal from Park Soo-hong’s personal account, etc. to be.

The prosecutors said, “We have determined that Park Soo-hong’s personal damage of 2.9 billion won, related to the claim that he tried to avoid punishment using the kinship ritual system, was Park’s crime.”

In addition, the prosecution revealed the fact that they had committed additional crimes through additional investigations after Park was arrested. Prosecutors explained, “We have identified additional damages of approximately 4 billion won in addition to the 2.1 billion won written in the arrest warrant, and the case was not charged with non-payment of the settlement amount according to the settlement.”

Regarding the life insurance money, the prosecution considered that “the policy holder, the beneficiary, and the person who pays the insurance money are the same for every insurance contract, so it is difficult to see that it is a crime in itself.” Regarding real estate, he said, “No other unusual things were found except for the illegal use of company funds of 1.17 billion earned for some commercial purchases.”

In April last year, Park Soo-hong submitted a complaint against Park to the prosecution, and the prosecution requested a preliminary arrest warrant on the 8th of last month.

On the other hand, on the 4th, Park Soo-hong was attacked by his father while being investigated by the prosecution and was transferred to the hospital. At the time, Park Soo-hong’s father and Mr. A were investigated as witnesses, and it was said that the father claimed to control Park Soo-hong’s account and assets, not Mr. A.

Ji-min Jang, Guest Correspondent at [email protected]

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