Park Soo-hong’s ‘Pyeon Restaurant’, a red light for the 2nd generation plan? “Male hormone deficiency and sperm motility”

Photo = KBS2’s ‘New Release Fun Restaurant’

[스포츠한국 조은애 기자]

Broadcaster Park Soo-hong revealed the test results she received for her second generation plan.

On the 27th, KBS2’s ‘New Release Fun-Staurant’, Park Soo-hong, was filmed cooking and eating Sambae Cave.

On this day, Park Soo-Hong received a gift from Hye-Ryun Cho of a tripe cave that is 2 to 3 times larger than normal oysters and thanked him over the phone.

Jo Hye-ryun said, “Erysor was my family’s stamina,” and said, “Now you have to give birth to a beautiful 2-year-old child.”

Park Soo-hong said, “I really want to have a child,” and revealed that he wants to have a girl.

He said he was tested at the hospital and said, “They say it’s a bit too much. They say they lost their energy.”

Park Soo-hong’s urology test showed that his male hormone level was 3.74, which was below average.

The doctor explained over the phone, “Sperm count is fine in terms of numbers. Having a lot doesn’t mean you can get pregnant. To get pregnant, you have to be athletic, but that’s off.”

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