Park Sung-hyun, the first day of KLPGA appearance in a year, even par… Good shooting feeling

Jung Yun-ji, Song Ga-eun, and Jeong Seul-gi, co-leader of the par 3 under… Kim Su-jio is even par of the year

Park Seong-hyeon (29), who took part in the domestic competition for the first time in a year, showed satisfaction after finishing the first match with even par.

Park Seong-hyun reached an even-par 72 by carding two birdies and two bogeys in the first round of the Hite Jinro Championship (1.2 billion total prize money won) at the Blue Heron Golf Club (par 72) in Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 6th hit

Park Seong-hyeon, who finished tied for 13th, three shots behind the joint-leading group with a 3-under-par 69, said he was satisfied, saying, “This is the best first-day match for I played it this year.”

He took part in a KLPGA Tour event for the first time in a year after this tournament last year.

Park Sung-hyun said, “There was also the first round, where the score was better than today, but the condition and the sense of the shot was good.

Park Seong-hyun showed off his accurate shot, missing the green twice that day.

However, it’s a shame that I mistakenly wrote down two bogies on the tee picture.

Park Seong-hyun said, “There are still three days left, so it’s too early to talk about the score today.”

It is more important not to make mistakes than to make many friends.

You must never be greedy.”

Park Seong-hyeon, who was driving a cheering squad of about 2,000 people that day, said, “I was shaking in the first hole. But even that shaking was good.” “There were times when I failed to play in the United States.

It’s good to receive strong energy and go.” He smiled broadly.

Jeong Yun-ji (22), Song Ga-eun (22), and Jeong Seul-gi (27) took the lead by shooting 3-under 69s.

Park Ji-young (26), who took first place in batting average, shot a 2-under 68 and tied for fourth place.

If she wins this tournament, Kim Su-ji (26), who will win the KLPGA Tour for the fourth week in a row and two championships in a row, finished the first day in a tie for 13th with a second-par 72.

Park Min-ji (24), who came first in the money prize standings, was a bit sluggish with a 1-over par 73.

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