‘Park Yeon-jin’ Lim Ji-yeon in the preview video for ‘The Glory’ Part 2 “Yes, try it, somewhere”[M+★SNS]

↑ Lim Ji-yeon ‘The Glory’ Part 2 teaser video image = Netflix

Actress Lim Ji-yeon reacted to the preview video for Part 2 of ‘The Glory’.

Lim Ji-yeon posted on her Instagram on the afternoon of the 23rd, “Yes, give it a try. Fight somewhere” and posted a video.

The video features a teaser video for part 2 of the Netflix original series ‘The Glory’.

Netflix previously released a notice and video on its official Instagram, saying, “My Yeonjin-ah, who wanted to kill me, this is my last letter.”

He continued, “Ah

The moment when the old revenge ends. ‘The Glory’ Part 2, March 10, only on Netflix,” he added.

In the video, scenes from Part 2 of ‘The Glory’ are included, along with the content of multiple letters written by Moon Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo) to Park Yeon-jin (played by Lim Ji-yeon ).

Meanwhile, Lim Ji-yeon appeared as Park Yeon-jin, Moon Dong-eun’s abuser, in Part 1 of ‘The Glory’.

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