Park Yong-jin meets Moon “I’m sorry for the reality of our party”

Former President Moon Jae-in (left) and Democratic Party lawmaker Park Yong-jin. / Park Yong-jin’s Facebook page

In addition, Democratic Party lawmaker Park Yong-jin visited former President Moon Jae-in and said, “I’m sorry that I remembered the reality of our party.” He seems to have expressed concern about the situation where factional conflict is growing to the extent that there is confusion within the party due to CEO Lee Jae-myeong’s judicial risk and even talk of a ‘bundang’ being allowed mention them.

Rep. Park said this in a Facebook post on the 19th, saying, “I met former President Moon in Pyeongsan Village.”

He said, “I met President Moon at the sister-in-law in Yangsan last Friday afternoon,” and said, “I was grateful to the president for welcoming me with a bright smile, but I was also sorry because of my to remember the reality of our party that we are facing at the moment.”

“I said that the victory of the Democratic Party in the general election was not only to fight the tyranny of the Yoon Seok-yeol government, which led the prosecution, but also to prevent the collapse of the achievements of the Moon Jae-in government, which cared about lives, health and the future of our people, and the Republic of Korea from retreating. I gave it,” he said.

Representative Park conveyed former President Moon’s words. He said, “The president also encouraged me that the Democratic Party would be able to win the public’s trust in next year’s general election, even if the Democratic Party changed a little, made a decision, united again around her, and shows this.” He continued, “The important thing in politics is not the difficulties of adverse events or conditions themselves, but how they overcome them, and the people watch it.

Representative Park said, “According to the President’s words, I will also take responsibility and work hard towards the slightly different changes in the Democratic Party and the unity of our party, which has changed and been renewed by resolution specific.”

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